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  1. Bob Odenkirk, Fred Armisen, and Zach Galifianakis’ 2002 Sketch Show of […] Not long ago, media writers were talking about a “sketch boom” with shows like Inside Amy Schumer, Portlandia, Kroll Show, Key & Peele, […]
  2. Notaro, Morgan, Maron, Minchin, Maher and Many More to Headline New York […] The New York Comedy Festival has announced a handful of headliners for this year’s 18th annual event, and they’re big, with Tig Notaro at […]
  3. Patton Oswalt Will Publish His Late Wife’s Unfinished Book It’s been 102 days since writer Michelle McNamara, wife of comedian Patton Oswalt, passed away unexpectedly. A gifted writer and the creator […]
  4. tributes
    Patton Oswalt on Grief After His Wife’s Death“I don’t know what else I’m supposed to do now without her.”
  5. casting couch
    Patton Oswalt and Ashley Rickards Join Hulu showOswalt has been cast as (surprise!) a movie nerd.
  6. Patton Oswalt Explains Why Crisis Pregnancy Centers Are the Ultimate […]Here’s a great segment from last night’s Full Frontal, where Samantha Bee takes on a legislator she’s targeted before – Georgia State Senator […]
  7. in memoriam
    Patton Oswalt Eulogizes His Wife, Michelle McNamara: ‘She’s Left a Blast Crater’She died almost two weeks ago in her sleep.
  8. exclusive clip
    Exclusive Clip: Rudd & Oswalt’s R-Rated NerdlandLesson No. 1: Don’t give a homeless guy all your money and then try to take back the check.
  9. star wars
    Patton Oswalt Defends Rogue One Trailer While Natasha Leggero sleeps.
  10. Watch the Trailer for Patton Oswalt’s Netflix Special ‘Talking for […]Patton Oswalt’s new standup special hits Netflix later this month, and today Entertainment Weekly debuted the first trailer. Titled Talking for […]
  11. Revisiting Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars FilibusterAs told by show creator Mike Schur.
  12. Check Out the Trailer for ‘Nerdland’ Starring Patton Oswalt and Paul RuddA new adult animated film is premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival next month, and today Variety debuted the first trailer. Titled Nerdland, […]
  13. Patton Oswalt to Star with Judy Greer in Fox Comedy PilotPatton Oswalt might be headed to Fox in a starring sitcom role. According to Entertainment Weekly, Oswalt has signed on to star in an untitled […]
  14. Hannibal Buress, Patton Oswalt, Jimmy Carr, and Theo Von Land Netflix […]Netflix announced premiere dates for four new standup specials over the weekend, including Hannibal Buress’s special titled after his Comedy […]
  15. Patton Oswalt’s Daughter Is Turning Him Into a ‘My Little Pony’ ExpertHere’s a clip from Patton Oswalt’s visit to last night’s Conan, where he admits that his six-year-old daughter isn’t nearly as impressed with […]
  16. Patton Oswalt to Play TV’s Son of TV’s Frank on ‘MST3K’Not long after revealing new Mystery Science Theater 3000 cast members Jonah Ray, Felicia Day, Baron Vaughn, and Hampton Yount, Joel Hodgson […]
  17. awkward sex scenes
    Veep’s Jonah Does Not Know What a Sex Scene Is“I got my wife pregnant, so I think I have a solid idea of what it is.”
  18. chat room
    Patton Oswalt on Justified, Veep, and Twitter Spoiler alert.
  19. party chat
    Patton Oswalt on Selma’s Oscar Snub and More“Is just logic. It goes beyond race.”
  20. Patton Oswalt Shares His ‘Beyond Bombing’ Standup Memory on ‘Late Night’All standups have at least one memory of bombing in front of an audience, but during last night’s Late Night, Patton Oswalt shared a “beyond […]
  21. Patton Oswalt Explains the Story Behind His Book Jacket PhotoTo promote his new memoir Silver Screen Fiend, last night Patton Oswalt was a guest on The Tonight Show and told Jimmy Fallon the story behind […]
  22. Patton Oswalt on His Dream of Becoming a Film Director: ‘Eventually I Will’“Eventually I will. But when I make the leap to become a director, I have got to convince a platoon of people to make the leap with me, so […]
  23. excerpt
    Patton Oswalt on Lewis’s Holocaust Clown FilmAn excerpt from his upcoming book, Silver Screen Fiend.
  24. Weird Al, Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt, Louis C.K., and Jim Gaffigan Get […]The Grammys announced their 2015 nominees today, and in addition to the late Joan Rivers scoring a nomination for Best Spoken World Album for […]
  25. movies
    Celebrities Can’t Stop Bragging About Seeing InterstellarEven the guy from Ugly Betty!
  26. ‘The Heart, She Holler’ Returns to Adult Swim December 1stThe third season of The Heart, She Holler just got a premiere date. Adult Swim announced today that the newest season of the Patton […]
  27. Should All Standup Comics Write Their Own Jokes?I was thirteen when I first saw a comic glance at his notes on stage, and I remember wondering why I was surprised to see this. Did you think […]
  28. Patton Oswalt Explains His Three-Month Social Media Break“Maybe it’s because this younger generation doesn’t have the demarcation we have—of a world before cell phones and then after. It was always […]
  29. Patton Oswalt Has Written a Book About His Addiction to MoviesPatton Oswalt has a second book in the works. Recently, Amazon posted the pre-order page for his upcoming book titled Silver Screen Fiend: […]
  30. Why Patton Oswalt’s Taking a Social Media Break“There’s a portal to a shadow planet in my right hand, the size of a deck of cards, and I can’t keep myself from peeling off one card after […]
  31. Patton Oswalt Squares Off with General Zod in a New ‘Superego’ Video Last week, Nerdist started releasing animated videos of sketches from the comedy podcast Superego, and here’s the latest one featuring […]
  32. Patton Oswalt and Pete Holmes Have a Sleepover in ‘4 AM Thoughts’Here’s the newest installment of The Pete Holmes Show’s “4 AM Thoughts,” in which Holmes is joined in bed by Patton Oswalt to take turns […]
  33. Patton Oswalt Learns the Surprising Truth About His Online HatersPatton Oswalt is no stranger to internet haters and harassment, and in this new video for Funny or Die he attempts to sabotage a “Patton-Hater […]
  34. Patton Oswalt Presents Jimmy Kimmel with a Webby Award on HorsebackLast night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live was briefly interrupted when Webby Awards host Patton Oswalt valiantly rode in on a white steed to present him […]
  35. Watch Patton Oswalt and Scott Aukerman Kindly Agree to DisagreeHere’s a clip from Thursday’s season premiere of Comedy Bang! Bang! where Scott Aukerman and guest star Patton Oswalt switch roles and launch […]
  36. Patton Oswalt and Billy Eichner Play ‘Does Shakira Know What This Is?’Here’s a clip from this week’s Billy on the Street, where Eichner and guest Patton Oswalt passionately talk about how underrated Ratatouille is […]
  37. Watch Patton Oswalt in the First Clip from ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Season 3 Here’s the first clip IFC has released from the third season of Comedy Bang! Bang!, which premieres on Friday, May 8th. It’s part of an […]
  38. This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Patton Oswalt, Lauren Lapkus, and Will Hines […]The comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We’re here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. […]
  39. trailer mix
    Patton Oswalt Hints at the Real Identity of True Detective’s Yellow King“Time. Distance. Depth. Cinnamon smell. Paul Anka.”
  40. Watch Patton Oswalt’s ‘True Detective’ Parody Here’s the internet’s five millionth True Detective parody, but this one was made by Comedy Central and stars Patton Oswalt. Oswalt is the […]
  41. Read a Great Piece Patton Oswalt Wrote About Bill Hicks“Bill Hicks had to make his voice heard through the amorphous, ever-shifting fog of Reagan-era comfort and complacency. Comedy club audiences […]
  42. Patton Oswalt Names His Dream Comedy-to-Drama Crossovers“Something gritty. Something early-70s. Boston. Icy grime. Low-stakes larceny, with her psyche as collateral. I don’t think there’s anything […]
  43. Fred Armisen and Patton Oswalt to Appear on ‘Modern Family’The Modern Family cast and crew are filming a vacation episode in Las Vegas prior to their bigger trip to Australia next month, and both Fred […]
  44. Talking to Patton Oswalt about His New Standup Special and Other Stuff If there’s a name in standup that qualifies for the “needs no introduction” treatment, it’s Patton Oswalt. The man who describes himself as […]
  45. Patton Oswalt Slams EPIX for Screwing Up His SpecialIt looks like the partnership between Patton Oswalt and EPIX has come to a quick end. The network was supposed to premiere Oswalt’s newest […]
  46. Watch Patton Oswalt Get Punched, Kicked, and Shot in the Head Patton Oswalt has made a ton of different television appearances, but as Conan proved last night through this supercut, most of them have one […]
  47. Here’s a Clip from Patton Oswalt’s New Standup Special Patton Oswalt’s new standup special, Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time, premieres on cable network Epix January 17th, and here’s the first clip […]
  48. A Company Asked Patton Oswalt to Tweet About Popular Brands, and It Blew […]Friday afternoon, a company called Brander solicited comedian Patton Oswalt via Twitter to ask him to tweet about products they represent, and […]
  49. Here’s a Promo for Patton Oswalt’s New Standup Special, Forwards and […] Patton Oswalt’s new standup special, Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time, premieres on cable channel Epix January 17th, and here’s a new promo for […]
  50. Patton Oswalt, Tom Lennon, Weird Al, and More Visit Eddie Pepitone for ‘A […] Here’s the new Christmas episode of Matt Oswalt and Eddie Pepitone’s web series, Puddin’, featuring the return of guests like Patton Oswalt, […]
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