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  1. What Happened to Paul Auster? A Decade Ago, He Was a Nobel Candidate.Did he change, or did we?
  2. vulture reads
    Sunday Reads: Gay TV, K-Pop, Cale, and AusterAnother excuse to stay indoors. 
  3. quote machine
    Betty White’s Comeback Reaches Its Thrilling ApexPlus: Paul Auster not listening to critics.
  4. party lines
    McDormand Hosts Wooster’s First Art AuctionEven though photographers ask him to write them all the time.
  5. agenda
    ‘Man in the Dark’: Paul Auster Imagines a Life Without 9/11This counterfactual novel, in which Bush versus Gore led to civil war and September 11 never happened, isn’t a gimmicky departure for Paul Auster, but a characteristically Austerian dream vision.
  6. chat room
    Paul Auster on ‘Man in the Dark’ and Seceding From the UnionAuster talks to Vulture about his critics and why he’d like to see New York become a city-state.
  7. agenda
    Paul Auster’s Great New York Trilogy RematerializesPaul Auster’s New York Trilogy — a group of three meta-fictional detective novels published in the mid-eighties — are undisputed cult classics.