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Paul Gale

  1. The Painful Truth of Paul Gale ComedyPaul Gale Comedy hasn’t come out with a new video in over a year, and that’s not surprising. Despite the channel’s grass roots success, PGC’s […]
  2. Where Digital Publications’ Comedy Videos Are Headed In April of 2001, a dot com bubble baby named Kozmo.com laid off over a thousand employees because its business model of […]
  3. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Too Full To Fuck’Each year, the holidays bring with them a few constants: forced conversation, racist uncles, and a smattering of infectious parody songs. As […]
  4. This Week in Web Videos: ‘The Truth About Meeting a Woman’Sorry PewDiePie, but I prefer Paul Gale. Against a tidal wave of pre-teens clamoring for daily web cam soliloquies, I prefer the YouTuber who […]
  5. This Week In Web Videos: Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong Since yesterday afternoon, the Internet has been alight with Paul Gale. Every viral video round up you can find features the YouTube […]
  6. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Pigeon Pick Up Artist’ For every 10 college seniors who tell friends that they’re going to pursue a career in comedy after graduation, maybe 1 actually does. (Unless […]