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Paul Stanley

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    20 Musicians on Their Favorite Rock-and-Roll MemoirsMichael Stipe, Shirley Manson, and Sara Bareilles all said Patti Smith’s Just Kids.
  2. no respect week
    10 Great Forgotten Kiss SongsRock and roll all night and party every day with these ten underrated Kiss tracks.
  3. party chat
    Tom Morello Discusses His Amazing Kiss SpeechPlus, read the full transcript of his introduction to Kiss at last night’s induction ceremony.
  4. chat room
    Paul Stanley on Kiss’s Rock Hall Induction“Clearly the rules only apply when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame feels like it.”
  5. quote machine
    Paul Stanley Downplays the Importance of Paul StanleyPlus: Peter O’Toole calls today’s actors buttheads, and Woody Harrelson owns up to marginalizing hemp!
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    Kiss’ Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley Promote Rock-and-Roll Lifestyle, Dental HygieneVulture sat down with the rock legends to talk about … well, pretty much whatever the hell they wanted.