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Paulina Porizkova

  1. paulina-o
    Paulina Porizkova Drives Home With Her Ric Ocasek Settlement“I don’t think my husband had the brain capacity at the time to figure out what he was really doing.”
  2. bad times roll
    Paulina Porizkova Recalls ‘Lonely’ and ‘Depressed’ Marriage to Ric OcasekShe’s currently in litigation with Ocasek’s estate after being written out of his will.
  3. oscars 2021
    Paulina Porizkova and Aaron Sorkin Are Your Hot New Age-Appropriate CoupleWe love a red-carpet debut.
  4. since you’re gone
    Ric Ocasek Estate Drama Is Not What Anyone Needed, But Here We AreHis wife is now reflecting on her “clearly delusional” marriage.
  5. respect the classics
    Paulina Porizkova Feels ‘Betrayed’ After Ric Ocasek Excludes Her From WillShortly before his death, the Cars frontman wrote that his wife of several decades is entitled to nothing, “because she has abandoned me.”
  6. the strategist
    6 Celebs on the Last Thing They Bought OnlineThis week we learned that Ric Ocasek bought some Alan Vega albums and Dan Abrams ordered a lot of tennis balls.