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Pauline Kael

  1. remembrances
    “Honey, you shouldn’t be showing that to anyone:” Why Pauline Kael Was My CriticHer writing always seemed like a journey, an elevated form of thinking out loud.
  2. Michelle Dean’s Sharp Tells the Origin Stories of 10 Essential Female CriticsAcross these portraits it’s possible to trace currents in American literary history as it unfolded between World War I and now.
  3. obits
    David Edelstein on Andrew Sarris, 1928–2012“When he loved something, he could barely contain himself.”
  4. obits
    You Obsess About Movie Directors Because of Andrew Sarris, Who Is Dead at 83The film critic, who helped spread the auteur theory in America, passed away Wednesday morning.
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    Would Pauline Kael Have Blogged?