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  1. a long talk
    The Many Different Lives of Stephen MalkmusThe beloved frontman on his new solo album, defining folk, and what to expect from Pavement’s reunion shows.
  2. reunions
    Pavement Is (Briefly) ReunitingNo word yet from Billy Corgan about how mad this makes him.
  3. vulture lists
    A Brief History of Rock Musicians Who Went ElectronicIncluding the time Eric Clapton made an album about shopping.
  4. vulture lists
    Pavement Guitarist Scott Kannberg Picks His 10 Favorite Pavement SongsIncluding the one he says Phish fans love the most.
  5. have you seen the drummer's hair?
    Wilco Covering Pavement Is the Most ’90s ThingThe song will appear in the band’s upcoming documentary, Every Other Summer.
  6. fame
    Are L.A. Guns More Famous Than Stephen Malkmus?It’s ‘Cocked & Loaded’ vs. ‘Slanted and Enchanted.’
  7. clickables
    See the Pavement-Inspired Mudslide Creation From Ace of CakesCake spoiler alert.
  8. it really is 2010
    Pavement Reunion to Reach Thrilling Apex With Appearance on Cake-Based Reality-TV Show’Ace of Cakes’: now with more Pavement.
  9. matador
    PSA: Matador’s Crazy 21st-Anniversary Vegas Mini-Festival Is Streaming OnlineRemember MySpace?
  10. the nineties
    How Pavement Became the Greatest Band of the Nineties This YearLegends get bigger when they disappear for a while.
  11. tv
    See Pavement Play ColbertStephens Malkmus and Colbert discussed the band’s countless smash hits before Pavement took the mike.
  12. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Pavement to Trey SongzPlus: Jenny and Johnny, Vampire Weekend, Broken Social Scene …
  13. pavement
    Play Guitar With Pavement on Jimmy FallonThere’s a contest.
  14. boats
    Boat to Go Near Pavement ConcertIf you’d like to catch Pavement’s upcoming show at the Williamsburg Waterfront but hate dry land, you’re in luck.
  15. beef
    Pavement/Pitchfork Blood Feud!Pavement guitarist Scott Kannberg refused to allow his band’s headlining Pitchfork Festival performance to be webcast on Sunday.
  16. pavement
    Pavement Reunion Touches Down in AucklandSee videos from the band’s first night back.
  17. reunions
    Stephen Malkmus Really Enjoys Fantasy SportsAll this and more, in Chuck Klosterman’s Pavement profile for ‘GQ.’
  18. money
    Official: Pavement Reunion Totally HappeningIt’s confirmed!
  19. Pavement Reunion Reportedly Actually Probably Happening, Maybe!Pavement is allegedly reuniting and has supposedly already scheduled its first concert date.
  20. nastanovich
    Pavement Fan Wins Date With Ikea (and Bob Nastanovich)Blessedly, there is video.
  21. novelties
    Was Record Store Day a Success?From our vantage point, it’s a resounding “Yes.”
  22. agenda
    Stephen Malkmus Conquers Prog-Rock, Calls It ‘Trash’“Cold Sun” is as stunning as anything Stephen Malkmus has ever written, and the title track pulls off the rare feat of being catchy and ten minutes long.