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  1. the gender pay gap
    Julie Delpy Is the Latest Victim of Hollywood’s Gendered Pay GapShe says she was paid “maybe a tenth” of what Ethan Hawke was paid for their film Before Sunrise.
  2. pay gap
    Do You Want Your Movie to Dominate at the Box Office? Hire Letitia WrightPay her like the genius princess she is.
  3. sharp objects
    Amy Adams Stood Up for Her Stand-in on the Sharp Objects Set“I went into producer [mode] and I was like, ‘You will not handle her like that.’”
  4. explainers
    Your Guide to The Crown’s Gender Pay Gap ControversyEverything to know about the royal scandal.
  5. the gender pay gap
    Mark Wahlberg Donating His $1.5 Million Reshoot Money to Time’s UpAnd in Michelle Williams’s name.
  6. time's up
    Catt Sadler Responds to E!’s Salary Defense: ‘We Did Similar Jobs’Sadler calls it “apples to apples.”
  7. golden globes 2018
    Catt Sadler ‘Immensely Grateful’ Actresses Stood Up for Her on E!’s Red CarpetDebra Messing and several other actresses called out E! during its own red-carpet coverage for a pay gap.
  8. Catt Sadler Says She Left E! News Over ‘Massive’ Gender Pay GapThe former E! News host says a “similarly situated male co-host” was making almost double her salary.
  9. pay gap
    BBC Boss Responds to Open Letter, Says Closing Pay Gap Will Be ‘Accelerated’Tony Hall said that closing the wage gap was “a personal priority over the last four years.”
  10. british tv
    Female BBC Stars Politely Demand Equal Pay for Equal WorkMore than 40 women are now involved.
  11. pay day
    BBC Says the New Female Doctor Who Will Be Paid the Same As Her Male PredecessorNo “78 cents on the dollar” here.
  12. pay gap
    CBS Offered ‘Significant’ — But Not Equal — Pay Increases to Hawaii Five-0 StarsThe salary increase did not match their white co-stars’ earnings.
  13. Two Hawaii Five-0 Stars Reportedly Leaving Show Over Salary DisputesKim and Park are credited with as many episodes as their two other co-stars, Scott Caan and Alex O’Loughlin.
  14. the celluloid ceiling
    Study Shows Decline in Female DirectorsOf the top 100 films of 2016, only 4 percent were directed by women.
  15. pay gap
    Natalie Portman on Hollywood’s Gender Pay Gap“I wasn’t as pissed as I should have been.”
  16. pay gap
    Hilary Swank Shares Dramatic Pay-Gap ExperienceBecause he had been “hot” in one film.
  17. the gender pay gap
    Damn, Charlize Theron Is Even Smarter Than We ThoughtFor her big raise in Huntsman: Winter’s War, Charlize played the PR game magnificently.
  18. the gender pay gap
    Scar Jo Feels ‘Obnoxious’ Discussing Equal PayActually, we need to talk about the gender pay gap.
  19. pay gap
    Amy Adams Knew About the American Hustle Pay Gap“You just have to decide if it’s worth it for you. It doesn’t mean I liked it.”
  20. the industry
    J.Law Is Making More Than Her Male Co-StarShe’ll make $20 million for Passengers, plus a share of the profits.
  21. pay gap
    Fonda, Tomlin Cool With Grace and Frankie Pay“This just reminds us to be mindful of how things come across in interviews.”
  22. pay gap
    Amy Pascal: J.Law Should Have Asked for a Raise“People should know what they’re worth.”