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  1. raises
    Fifty Shades Stars Want Massive Raise for SequelThey were only paid $250,000 each for the first film.
  2. How Much Is Taylor Swift Worth?A semi-educated estimation.
  3. paychecks
    How Much Will Shakira Make for The Voice?A lot more than Usher, it seems.
  4. The Modern Family Cast May Triple Their Paychecks Before Season FourThe ten cast members of Modern Family are re-negotiating their contracts, and they’re looking for a seriously gigundo raise before the next […]
  5. paychecks
    Guess How Much Chris Pine Is Worth?Millions!
  6. paychecks
    Big Bang Theory Cast Gets Raise It DeservesThree leads will be making $200,000 per episode.
  7. paychecks
    Kevin Dillon Makes Twice As Much As Jon Hamm DoesAnd Matthew Morrison and Snooki have the same episode fee.
  8. paychecks
    Forbes: Will Ferrell Makes Too Much MoneyAnd Shia Labeouf makes too little.