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  1. paydays
    J. Law Tops Forbes Highest-Paid Actresses ListJ. Law is really mopping up the competition.
  2. c.r.e.a.m.
    Big Bang Rules List of Highest-Paid TV ActorsIf you work for Modern Family, you’re also, unsurprisingly, pretty set.
  3. paydays
    J.Law, ScarJo Top Forbes List of Highest-Paid Film Actresses of 2015Look at J.Law, just crushing it.
  4. paydays
    Sandra Bullock Made at Least $70 Million Off Gravity$$$.
  5. paydays
    Of Course Jeremy Piven Is Getting Paid More for the Entourage MovieThe “boys” are mad.
  6. paydays
    Robert Downey Jr. Really Did Get $50 Million for The AvengersHe told GQ.
  7. paydays
    Mariah Carey Gets $18 Million for IdolThat is $2 million more than Britney.
  8. paydays
    The-Dream Says He Made $15 Million Off ‘Umbrella’Or $200k/word (we didn’t check the math on that).
  9. paydays
    How Much Will Charlie Sheen Make on His Live Tour?A lot.
  10. payday!
    Beach Boys Would Like to Get Paid for Katy Perry’s ‘California Gurls’ Now, ThanksTheir label sends Perry’s label a note asking for royalties.
  11. payday!
    Glee’s Ryan Murphy Gets Paid$24 million over four years, plus profit sharing.
  12. paydays
    Disaster-Porn Fetishist Roland Emmerich Laughing All the Way to the BankHe’s going to bank $100 million for his work on ‘2012.’
  13. paydays
    Nikki Finke Breaks the BankNikki says she “received the equivalent of the GNP of a small country” in the sale.
  14. paydays
    Curious About How Much SNL Hosts Get Paid?So are we!
  15. paydays
    Chuck Lorre Just Got PaidHe’s in the money, he’s in the money!