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  1. british imports
    Peep Show Creators Learned the Hard Way That Adapting British Shows Is Difficult“When you have to change the cast, that’s a really big issue.”
  2. across the pond
    Peep Show Stars Reuniting for Odd Couple SitcomSir Digby Chicken Caesar not included.
  3. chat room
    Olivia Colman on The Night Manager and Fleabag“I love to do something that is much further away from me than what I look like and what my accent is.”
  4. british imports
    Starz Is Adapting Peep Show for American AudiencesSuper Hans is not amused.
  5. Starz Is Making an American Adaptation of ‘Peep Show’ Peep Show, one of the best and most celebrated British comedies of the past decade, is getting remade to remove all of those pesky accents. […]
  6. The ‘Peep Show’ Creators Turned Down ‘Flight of the Conchords’UK comedy writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, who co-created Peep Show and Fresh Meat, were forced to say no to the opportunity to create […]
  7. peep show
    Boardwalk Empire’s Twelve Most Gratuitous Nude Scenes (and Their Likely Rationalizations)Complete with the likely network notes that prompted all that flashing.
  8. Sarah Silverman and the Secret to Great ActingSarah Silverman on what she drew from to play her role as a bitter failed actress in the upcoming Peepshow: “Uh, I was pretending. You know, […]
  9. chat room
    Peep Show’s Robert Webb on His British ComediesDavid Mitchell’s cohort talks about the costar that might have been: Russell Brand