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  1. obviously
    Michael B. Jordan Named 2020’s Sexiest Man AliveThat’s at least one election that won’t go contested this year.
  2. the results are in
    People Unites the Nation by Naming Idris Elba 2018’s Sexiest Man AliveA decision we can all rally around.
  3. art
    Sorry, People: Here’s the Real List of Sexiest Male ArtistsMost people haven’t heard of the magazine’s choice for sexiest artist alive, so we made our own list.
  4. candy
    People Still Can’t Pronounce Lupita Nyong’o’s Name“Lew-PEET-uh en-YON-go.”
  5. Male Parks & Rec Cast Recognized For Achievements in SexinessPeople has bestowed upon the male cast members of Parks & Recreation the most noble honor out there: Sexiest Man Alive. Treat yo’self to […]
  6. The Male Community Cast Enjoys A Dark, Strong, Shirtless Cup of Coffee Goooood morning. Joel McHale was asked to make a video for People’s Sexiest Man Alive contest, and bless his toned, muscular heart, he shares […]
  7. awesome
    Saved by the Bell Cast Reunites! Not for Jimmy Fallon!Featured on the cover of the new ‘People’ magazine is the cast of ‘Saved by the Bell,’ whom Fallon has been trying to reunite for months.
  8. the early-evening news
    At First Glance, Latest Cover of ‘People’ Promises Much More Than It Can DeliverPlus news on Kid Rock, Doris Lessing, and the first film awards of the season.