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  1. the results are in
    People Unites the Nation by Naming Idris Elba 2018’s Sexiest Man AliveA decision we can all rally around.
  2. blake shelton
    Blake Shelton Unseats the Rock As People’s Sexiest Man AliveWhat a year.
  3. Howard Stern: Digging Up Trump Convos a Betrayal“Quite frankly, as someone just said, I’m surprised they didn’t find these earlier.”
  4. ‘People’ Asks Samantha Bee, Kate McKinnon, Tracee Ellis Ross and More: Why […]Finally tackling the problem we’re all too scared to talk about, People magazine has assembled a team of comics to answer the controversial […]
  5. chat room
    Bret Michaels Doesn’t Miss Rock of Love Girls“I’m good for right now.”
  6. chat room
    Lena Headey on GoT Nudity and Loving Horror“Some people f*cking hate horror films, right? But I love them.”
  7. chat room
    John Oliver on Hosting The Daily Show“I definitely need to have a little less Cowell in the host’s chair … I need to turn down the innate singing-show judge in me.”
  8. chat room
    Peter Weller on Star Trek, Getting His Ph.D., and Defending J.J. Abrams“I didn’t realize this debate until I started shooting the movie.”
  9. chat room
    Ben Foster on Orphans, Tattoos, and Replacing Shia LaBeouf“I love that f-cker. He’s got a great mind.”
  10. chat room
    Downton’s Lesley Nicol on Mrs. Patmore’s Romance“It’s not true to say women of that age don’t feel that stuff, because they do!”
  11. chat room
    Downton’s Rob James-Collier Assures Vulture …“I’m not going to be selling crack while we have the interview.”
  12. chat room
    Gillian Jacobs on Community and Lap Dances “I’m turning red. You’ve never seen this shade of red before.”
  13. chat room
    Dermot Mulroney on Enlightened, True American“I don’t live in a cave, so I know that True American has become a national obsession.”
  14. chat room
    Christopher Abbott on Nice Guys and Girls Revenge Plots“I would love for Charlie to be some sort of a spy.”
  15. chat room
    Jemima Kirke on the Girls Backlash, Surprise Weddings, and Damien Hirst“I do read everything. I read all the comments.”
  16. chat room
    Kevin Bacon on His Crazy Blue Eyes and His Gory New Show, The FollowingAlso, kissing James Purefoy was “awesome.”
  17. chat room
    A$AP Rocky on Long.Live.A$AP, All of Its Guests, and His Life Mantra“It’s about breaking down barriers.”
  18. the vulture transcript
    Walter Kirn on His E-book and Oscar Predictions“There’s some kind of Obama-Lincoln connection, so that’s the one you vote for when you can’t decide.”
  19. chat room
    Lena Dunham on Girls, Black Republicans, and Taylor Swift“Anyone who tries to debate Taylor Swift with me, I’m like, ‘You are an uninformed consumer, and you will be shut down.’”
  20. chat room
    Chris Colfer on Casting Rebel Wilson“The fact that we got her is an absolute miracle.”
  21. chat room
    Jason Schwartzman Loves Girls, Parks and RecIt took him “years” to finally get his guest role.
  22. chat room
    Hugh Bonneville on Downton Abbey (and Homeland)“On Homeland, you’ve got someone about to blow up the vice-president. In Downton, it’s, ‘Where are the dress shirts?’”
  23. chat room
    Jessica Lange on Her AHS Singing Scenes “I mean, who knows how Ryan’s mind works?
  24. chat room
    John Lithgow on This Is 40, Aging, and Acting for Judd Apatow“He only really knows what he wants after he’s seen it, and that can make you nervous.”
  25. chat room
    Walter Salles on Finally Directing On the RoadIt’s been six years in the making.
  26. chat room
    David Chase on Not Fade Away, Avoiding Thrillers, and His TV DietHe watches only two shows.
  27. chat room
    Not Fade Away’s Jack Huston on David Chase“David sort of liked me for the movie … and then he didn’t like me at all for the movie.”
  28. chat room
    Homeland’s David Harewood on Playing ‘Bad Estes’“Hang on a minute … somehow I’m the bad guy?”
  29. chat room
    Jessica Chastain on Shooting ZDT in Jordan“I find the covering up to be a very strange thing. It’s like saying, ‘We’re all animals,’ and I don’t agree.”
  30. chat room
    Samuel L. Jackson on Django Unchained and Being Bill Cosby’s Stand-in“For two to three years, they would put his crazy sweaters on me.”
  31. chat room
    Peter Jackson on Being a ‘Terrible Ham’ and West of MemphisThe documentary he’s promoting when he’s not promoting The Hobbit.
  32. chat room
    Alison Brie on Save the Date and Community“NBC is in love with us, but they’re not sure it’s forever!”
  33. chat room
    Zoë Kravitz Finds Her Apartments on Craigslist“I’ve found all of my apartments on Craigslist.”
  34. chat room
    Nashville’s Sam Palladio on Gunnar and ScarlettWill they, or won’t they?
  35. chat room
    Andy Serkis on The Hobbit, the Oscars, and How to Do Your Best Gollum“The key is to act like you have a furball.”
  36. chat room
    Dexter’s Love Interest on Women Serial Killers“They’re smarter and better.”
  37. chat room
    Mark Duplass on His Mindy Appearance“Can I be honest? Messina is the best looking one in the room.”
  38. chat room
    Big Boi on His New Album, Obama’s Pimp Game, and Brazilian Waxes“I like it, you know, smooth as can be.”
  39. chat room
    T.I. on Trouble Man, R. Kelly’s ‘Eclectic’ Art, and Will Smith“He’s still, excuse my term, a ‘Hood N*gga.’”
  40. the vulture transcript
    Terence Winter on What’s Next for Boardwalk Empire Also, what he really thinks of recappers.
  41. chat room
    Homeland’s Rupert Friend on His Big RevealSpoilers!
  42. chat room
    Dinosaur Jr’s Lou Barlow Gives Us a Band Update“I pick up a bass and beat the sh*t of it, the way I always have.”
  43. chat room
    Romola Garai on The Hour, Domineering Women, and Pretend Journalism“We all just love walking around an office and pretending to pick up phones and slam down paperwork.”
  44. chat room
    The Walking Dead’s David Morrissey on the Governor and Severed Heads“I think there is a conscience in there.”
  45. chat room
    Anthony Hopkins on Hitchcock and Oscar Buzz“You got to be intense and cry and gnash your teeth together to win an Oscar.”
  46. chat room
    Lenny Kravitz on Spying on Joe Namath and Crushing on Jane Fonda “She’s still hot — very hot.”
  47. chat room
    James Spader on His Eccentric Lincoln Character“I imagined him as a dandy in decay.”
  48. chat room
    Adrianne Palicki on Red Dawn, Shooting Guns, and Superhero TattoosAlso, Mitt Romney and FNL movie odds.
  49. chat room
    Phillip Phillips on American Idol’s Girl Vote“That’s kind of a sad thing, that it’s about looks.”
  50. chat room
    Ang Lee on Life of Pi and His Hulk Regret“My problem is that I took the whole thing too seriously.”
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