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  1. beefs
    Did Azealia Banks’s Latest Twitter Fight Go Too Far?A spat with Angel Haze ended in the use of a gay slur to describe Perez Hilton.
  2. glee
    Watch a Preview of the Glee Performance of ‘Starships’The gle-enemy attacks, kills with Nicki Minaj verses.
  3. perez hilton
    Perez Hilton and Lindsay Lohan Will Be on the Same Episode of GleeFight! Fight!
  4. oprah 101
    What One Writer Learned at Oprah’s LifeclassHe was told, “You are a human being having a spiritual experience.” Repeatedly.
  5. music
    Hear the Vengaboys’ Ridiculous New Song, ‘Rocket to Uranus’“Uranus is so pretty, it feels like home.”
  6. box-office gurus
    Perez Hilton Declares Avatar a FailureA box-office take of $223 million worldwide in three days is simply not up to Hilton’s lofty standards.
  7. disappointments
    Will.I.Am Unlikely to Be Sent to PrisonDon’t get your hopes up.
  8. slideshow
    Perez Hilton Hosts Concert With Suitably Nutty PerformersSome say a JPEG with scribbly MS Paint genitals is worth a thousand words. Perez Hilton is a master of such visual haiku, and when it comes to emceeing an event, he’s equally succinct with his hyperbole.
  9. apropos of nothing
    Actually, Perez Hilton Having a Record Label Is Not Quite the Stupidest Idea We’ve Ever HeardThe Times reports this morning that Perez Hilton is in talks with Warner Bros. Records to get his own record label.
  10. last night's gig
    Peaches Sees Alanis’s ‘Humps,’ Raises Her One Pair of Fudge-Stained PantiesSmutty diva Peaches, who virtually defined the porno-electro rage of the new millennium with her mind-numbingly catchy song “Fuck the Pain Away,” took the stage last night at the HighLine Ballroom, and truly brought the filth.