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  1. videology
    Weezer Puts Pete Wentz Through the Uber Ride From Hell in New VideoThe track will appear on their long-rumored Black Album.
  2. chat room
    Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz on ’N Sync Nostalgia, Rockism, and His Super Bowl Pick“To me, I look at artists like Skrillex, and that guy is rock and roll.”
  3. divorce
    Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Initiates Proceedings to Lose Cumbersome Hyphenated NameShe’s divorcing Pete Wentz.
  4. music
    Pete Wentz Has a New Band and a New SongThe band is called the Bl4ck C4rds (pronounced “Black Cards”).
  5. movies
    Read Pete Wentz’s Alice in Wonderland ReviewDon’t quit your day job, Pete Wentz.
  6. falling out
    Pete Wentz: Fall Out Boy Isn’t Completely DeadThey might play music again, as long as it feels authentic.
  7. quote machine
    Don’t Tell the Late Roberto Bolaño You Thought Parts of 2666 Were a Little SlowPlus: Emmy Rossum to ruin Thanksgiving.
  8. vulture lists
    10 of the Greatest Mentors in MusicWho can you thank for Missy Elliot, Iggy Pop, and Gym Class Heroes? How about Stat Quo and Cilla Black?
  9. parting is such sweet sorrow
    Pete Wentz’s New Haircut Signals the End of an EraBye bye, emo bangs. Hello, adulthood.
  10. quote machine
    Amy Poehler Will Not Rule Out Peeing in PublicPlus: “My pinkie toes look like cashews.”
  11. vulture lists
    13 VMA Highlights That Don’t Feature Kanye WestIf you want to see Lady Gaga’s bloody pupils and Beyoncé’s Fallopian tubes, this is the slideshow for you!
  12. quote machine
    The Yeah Yeah Yeahs See Themselves As Neither Pot Nor KettlePlus: At long last, Pete Wentz lets us know his thoughts on ‘Saved by the Bell.’
  13. the industry
    Kevin Kline Will Be Your Full-Service Playwright for the EveningPlus: Michael Cera finally has enemies.
  14. quote machine
    Jim Carrey Is the Michael Jordan of Acting, Claims the Bradley Cooper of Saying Ridiculous ThingsPlus: What did 50 Cent say today?
  15. quote machine
    Kristin Stewart Not Sure Why She’s Playing Joan Jett EitherPlus: Tom Cruise always wanted to kill Hitler.
  16. quote machine
    Alec Baldwin Will Never Outdo HimselfPlus: Tom Cruise on how his eye patch nearly tore his family apart.
  17. quote machine
    Fall Out Boy: All Joe Biden’s FaultPlus: Paul Rudd blogs!
  18. quote machine
    Pete Wentz’s Wedding Will Not Serve Hors D’Oeuvre After MidnightPlus: What is Professor Indiana Jones’s publication record?
  19. quote machine
    Pete Wentz Sufficiently Convinced of John Mayer’s Legendary StatusPlus: Judah Friedlander on his impressive genealogy, and Nathan Lee on Anthony Lane.
  20. apropos of nothing
    Global Warming, Bad Weather Scuttle Fall Out Boy’s Quest for Antarctic GloryThe ice shelf on which Pete Wentz and crew hoped to rock out is collapsing into the sea.
  21. the take
    Can Fall Out Boy Make It to Antarctica? An Anxious Nation WaitsWe’re on the edge of our collective seat here today, waiting for news of whether Fall Out Boy will be able to pull off one of the greatest douche-rock stunts of all time.
  22. quote machine
    Stephin Merritt Still DourPlus Ne-Yo on John Mayer, Pete Wentz on Tina Turner, and Dolly Parton on her breasts.
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    Pete Wentz Totally Agrees With SelfPlus: Woody Allen!
  24. quote machine
    Spice Girl Mel B. Is Totally Ready for Music’s Digital FuturePlus: John Cusack!
  25. quote machine
    Pittsburgh Slim Just Really Likes It When Girls Kiss Girls, That’s AllPlus quotes from Seth Rogen, Johnny Depp, and Fabolous.
  26. news reel
    Pete Wentz, Little Fish in Big Live Earth PondThe Fall Out Boy lead singer interviewed just after the band’s Live Earth show.
  27. quote machine
    Fallout Boy Singer Sick of Hearing About Pete Wentz’s Nudie Pics
  28. news reel
    Drinking With Fall Out Boy