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  1. Why Do Mark Wahlberg and Pete Berg Keep Making Movies Together?“I was like, ‘If I could just work with this guy, it would be fantastic.’”
  2. Revisiting ‘Very Bad Things,’ the ‘Rough Night’ of 1998Lucia Aniello’s dark comedy Rough Night, which began life under the working title Move That Body, will face audiences and critics when it opens […]
  3. a franchise of one's own
    Mark Wahlberg Wants His Own Movie Franchise, So He’s Making OneHe’s expanding the upcoming Mile 22 into a larger undertaking.
  4. chat room
    Mark Wahlberg on Making Patriots Day“You can’t help but wonder, Oh my God — if it happened to you, how would you respond?
  5. trailer mix
    Mark Wahlberg Stars in the Patriots Day TrailerIn theaters January 13, 2017.
  6. bad girl riri
    Rihanna Will Be the Focus of a Peter Berg–Helmed DocumentaryThe movie will be one of Berg’s first projects for his new production company, Film 45.
  7. sexpositions
    Peter Berg on Being Linda Fiorentino’s Sex ToyGroping and riding in The Last Seduction.
  8. movie review
    Edelstein on the Crude Propaganda of Lone SurvivorIt leaves out anything that would transform it into a work of art like Casualties of War or Saving Private Ryan.
  9. reunited and it feels so good
    Evaluating 2013’s Director-Actor RelationshipsHow did the many star-director reteamings of this Oscar season compare to their previous outings?
  10. chat room
    Peter Berg on Lone Survivor, Taylor Kitsch“Ben Foster and Taylor Kitsch, I had to keep pulling them off the hill, because they wanted to throw themselves off.”
  11. party chat
    Connie Britton on the Death of the FNL MovieTexas (not) forever.
  12. profiles in board game courage
    Berg Played an Actual Navy Captain in BattleshipWho won?
  13. trailer mix
    Lone Survivor Trailer: So Many Navy SEAL BeardsAnd feelings.
  14. directors directing
    Peter Berg Will Direct The Leftovers for HBOAs adapted by Lost’s Damon Lindelof.
  15. in development
    Peter Berg Developing Greek-God Drama for FoxHope you like swords.
  16. politics
    Peter Berg Wants Mitt Romney to Stop Quoting Friday Night LightsIt turns out clear eyes and full hearts can lose.
  17. clickables
    Watch Battleship Director Peter Berg Confront a Reporter About Israel“Are you a draft dodger?”
  18. casting
    Wahlberg, Kitsch Into Peter Berg’s Lone SurvivorThey’d play Navy SEALS in Afghanistan.
  19. clear eyes full hearts
    Peter Berg Reveals Friday Night Lights Movie PlotHint: It’s about Coach and Tami.
  20. exclusive
    N.W.A. Biopic Going Ahead, Possibly Without Director John SingletonBut maybe with Peter Berg!
  21. casting couch
    Peter Berg Will Play Maria Bello’s Ex on Prime SuspectGee, how’d he get the gig?
  22. bad ideas
    Peter Berg Still Working On That Friday Night Lights MovieTexas forever. Or at least talking about Texas, forever.
  23. chat room
    The Future’s Hamish Linklater on His Insane Battleship Shoot and Kicking Gavin Rossdale’s Ass“Miranda made a mixtape for me that was just, like, outrageous. It was so filthy!”
  24. trailer mix
    Battleship Trailer: You Sunk Universal!It looks expensive.
  25. movies
    Peter Berg Trying to Mount New FNL MovieWhich worked so well for ‘Arrested Development,’ ‘Party Down,’ and ‘Veronica Mars.’
  26. choices
    Update: Jeremy Renner Passes on BattleshipBummer.
  27. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Jack Black Plans to Rescue TVPlus: Taylor Kitsch to take his long hair on a ‘Battleship’.
  28. the industry
    Adam Carolla to Solve His Own Relationship ProblemsPlus: Martin Lawrence is coming back to the small screen!
  29. wtf
    Battleship Director Peter Berg Explains the Right Way to Make a Board-Game MovieAliens are involved.
  30. the industry
    Peter Berg Officially SunkPlus: Ed Harris! Tia Carrere!
  31. the industry
    Sean Penn to Play Rock-Star Nazi HunterPlus: ‘Battleship: The Movie.’
  32. the industry
    John Waters to Apply Another Blast of ‘Hairspray’Plus: MTV is remaking ‘Rocky Horror’ for no reason whatsoever.
  33. the industry
    The Twelve Labors of Peter BergPlus: George Lucas wants to screw around with the entire ‘Star Wars’ series. Again.
  34. the industry
    Keira Knightley Will Play Eliza DoolittlePlus: Oh good, a second Marvin Gaye biopic, this one using lip-syncing rather than an actual good singer.
  35. quote machine
    Santogold: Not the Ideal Dog SitterPlus: Peter Berg on the joys of a PG-13 rating, and Steven Spielberg on his secret shame.
  36. the industry
    Peter Berg Packs His Bags for ArrakisPlus: Who’s replacing Orlando Bloom?
  37. the industry
    Quentin Tarantino Plans His ‘Citizen Kane’Plus: Jennifer Hudson, Kathy Bates join Tyler Perry’s next.
  38. the industry
    Borat Finally Goes on ‘Trial,’ Thanks to Steven SpielbergPlus industry news on Peter Berg, the Coen brothers, and Tyler Perry … in space!
  39. the industry
    Everything’s Coming Up Patti on BroadwayPlus industry news on Sam Raimi, Jennifer Hudson, and Tom Cruise.
  40. quote machine
    Kevin Nealon’s Baby Says ‘No’ to DrugsDan Akroyd, Patricia Heaton, etc.!
  41. the industry
    Viggo Mortensen and Renée Zellweger Head WestPlus industry news on Adam Rapp, Van Halen, and He’s Just Not That Into You.
  42. the industry
    Buzz Bissinger’s ‘Barbaro’ Bought By BergPlus Kevin Reilly, Nicole Kidman, Deborah Harry, and Shannon Doherty.
  43. the industry
    Gus Van Sant Drinks the ‘Kool-Aid’