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  1. casting
    Gemma Chan and Peter Capaldi Will Ruin You in the Watership Down Mini-SeriesIt’s just rabbits fleeing death and destruction.
  2. roll clip!
    Watch Jodie Whittaker Become the Doctor in Her Doctor Who Regeneration Scene“Oh, brilliant.”
  3. new york comic con 2017
    Peter Capaldi’s Dream Doctor Who Episode Has Jimi Hendrix and Flower Monsters“Get Jimi to come into the TARDIS to pluck on the guitar.”
  4. new york comic con 2017
    Peter Capaldi’s Tailor Tipped Him Off That the New Doctor Who Would Be a WomanIt came down to a pair of pants.
  5. san diego comic con 2017
    Steven Moffat Addresses Doctor Who Casting Backlash by Saying It Doesn’t Exist“So many people are wanting to pretend there is a problem. There isn’t.”
  6. Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi Is the Visionary Behind the Doctor’s Electric GuitarCapaldi pitched the idea to the writers and found the guitar.
  7. the whoniverse
    Doctor Who’s Newest Companion Will Be Openly GayCaptain Jack Harkness will be thrilled.
  8. Watch the Trailer for Peter Capaldi’s Final Season of Doctor Who“You’re about to be exposed to the vacuum of space!”
  9. trailer mix
    Doctor Who Trailer: Give a Warm, Timey-Wimey Welcome to the Newest CompanionMaterializing on April 15!
  10. Peter Capaldi to Exit Doctor Who After Next Season“I feel it’s time to move on.”
  11. trailer mix
    Doctor Who Season 10 Teaser: New Goofy Companion, Same Old DaleksThe show returns in April 2017.
  12. doctor who
    Pearl Mackie Is the New Doctor Who CompanionThe little-known actress will join Peter Capaldi for the tenth season.
  13. is there a time lord in the house?
    Peter Capaldi Asked to Stay on Doctor Who“I have to make up my mind, and I haven’t yet.”
  14. tv review
    TV Review: Season Two of BBC’s The HourThe second season of the excellent drama gives you more of the same, but different.
  15. casting couch
    The Hour Adds the Guy From In the LoopPerfect.
  16. vulture picture palace
    See the Short Film That Won In the Loop’s Peter Capaldi an OscarSeriously, it will somehow both warm your heart and creep into your dreams.