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Peter Gould

  1. spoilers
    Better Call Saul’s Showrunner Teases ‘Big Trouble Ahead’ for Kim and Jimmy“‘Tragedy’ is a big word, and sometimes it can be big things like death, but there are other things that tragedy can mean.”
  2. spoilers
    It Took Five Seasons, But Better Call Saul Finally Brought Back Hank and Gomie“It’s classic Hank yappin’ about ridiculous stuff. And poor Gomie has to put up with it.”
  3. influences
    Better Call Saul Influences: Godfather and More“We’ve been ripping off Edward Hopper shamelessly over the last two years, at least.”
  4. spinoffs
    AMC Orders a Second Season of Better Call SaulThey also pushed back its start date.
  5. postmortem
    Breaking Bad’s Peter Gould Talks ‘Granite State’“For me, this episode is about Walt hitting bottom.”