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Peter Greenaway

  1. chat room
    Director Peter Greenaway on Rembrandt’s J’accuse and Our Visual Illiteracy“Even ‘Casablanca’ eventually becomes disappointing because it never changes.”
  2. tube junkie
    So Wait, What Is Peter Greenaway’s ‘Last Supper’ Thing?We track down some Web video that shows just how cool the mysterious Milan project was.
  3. agenda
    Filmmaker Peter Greenaway’s Slightly Insane High ArtPeter Greenaway’s newly released first two major films sum up the man’s classical composition and off-the-wall wit and symbolism.
  4. vulture picture palace
    The Voyeur of VeniceRemember Peter Greenaway? No? Back in the eighties, he was heralded as the savior of international art-house cinema – dense in his themes, gloriously scatological in his plots, and possessing a keen sense of pictorial beauty.