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  1. cancellations
    The Crown Will End a Season Early, With Imelda Staunton on the ThroneCreator Peter Morgan had originally envisioned a six-season plan for the series.
  2. british drama
    Blimey! Downton Abbey’s Creator Has Big Issues With The CrownIt’s a period drama-off.
  3. tca 2016
    How Do Royals Feel About Netflix’s The Crown?The upcoming series depicts the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.
  4. theater
    Helen Mirren to Play Queen Elizabeth AgainIn a stage production by Peter Morgan, who wrote The Queen.
  5. movie review
    Movie Review: Meirelles’ 360 Takes the Long Way Round to NowhereThe film arrives just a few years too late to cash in on the “We’re all connected!” genre craze.
  6. subject matter
    Oscar Nominee Peter Morgan to Pen Hugh Hefner BiopicHe also wrote Frost/Nixon and The Queen.
  7. script doctor
    If the Hereafter Script Seems Unpolished, That’s Because It IsAlso, it was almost an M. Night Shyamalan movie, which makes sense.
  8. bioshock
    Borat to Play Freddie MercurySacha Baron Cohen just signed on to play Queen leader Freddie Mercury in a biopic to be scripted by biopic expert Peter Morgan.
  9. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Brian Austin Green, UsherPlus: more music from Linkin Park on the way!
  10. the industry
    James Cameron to Go On a Fantastic VoyagePlus: J.J. Abrams! Bryce Dallas Howard! Danny McBride!
  11. the industry
    Taylor Kitsch Books Flight to MarsPlus: Roy Rogers rides again.
  12. baseless speculation
    Who Will Play Bill Clinton in Peter Morgan’s New Blair-Clinton Movie?Frank Caliendo? Seth Rogen?
  13. the industry
    James L. Brooks to Take Chance on Little-Known ActressPlus: Jack Black comes to Scranton!
  14. the industry
    Clint Eastwood to See Dead PeoplePlus: Ben Silverman gives Hilary Duff a show!
  15. trailer mix
    ‘Frost/Nixon’ Trailer: Come On, Guys, Frank Langella Doesn’t Sound THAT Much Like BatmanFrank Langella may have won a Tony for playing Nixon onstage, but that doesn’t mean the blogosphere is happy about his casting in the film version.
  16. the industry
    Helen Mirren to Take Up the Scepter Once More?Plus industry news on William H. Macy, James Purefoy, and D.J. Caruso.
  17. the industry
    Jim Carrey, Gay and in Prison
  18. the industry
    HBO’s Albrecht Resigns at Gunpoint
  19. the best part
    ‘Frost/Nixon’ Writer Peter Morgan: ‘Big Baby’