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  1. The Tick Star Peter Serafinowicz’s Favorite Funny Superhero MomentIt’s a classic Batman bit involving a lesson in courteousness toward pedestrians.
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    Amazon Studio’s The Tick Looks Properly Ridiculous in New Set Photos“Spooooooon!”
  3. Check Out Peter Serafinowicz’s Hilarious Yet Terrifying Trump Dub VideosPeter Serafinowicz is a very funny man with a very powerful voice, and for the past five months he’s been putting those talents to work in a […]
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    Peter Serafinowicz Is the New TickSpoon!
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    Watch Peter Serafinowicz’s Chilling KFC CommercialJust keep cutting.
  6. Hands Up, Who Likes Me?: The Bad Education of Look Around YouIn this weekly column, I’ll introduce you to the world of British comedy in the chronology of how I, an American anglophile, discovered it in […]
  7. Short and Funny, Part 2: Conversations with Twitter’s Top Comedic […]Yesterday, we heard from some professional comedy scribes who are prolific joke writers on Twitter. Today’s segment will feature thoughts and […]
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    See Jeffrey Tambor Play Will Arnett’s Dad Again on Running WildeCo-star Peter Serafinowicz let the cat out of the bag on Twitter.
  9. Jeffrey Tambor Is Playing Will Arnett’s Dad AgainJust like in Arrested Development, Jeffrey Tambor is going to be playing Will Arnett’s dad in a Mitch Hurwitz sitcom. This time, however, it’s […]
  10. Running Wilde Deathwatch Continues With Another Ratings SlipRunning Wilde’s ratings slipped again last night, down to 3 million viewers. It’s pretty much 100% done for, the only question is when Fox is […]
  11. Peter Serafinowicz Makes Stock Traders Acutely Uncomfortable on Behalf of […]Every day, the NASDAQ invites a new person or group in to ceremoniously ring the opening bell in order to help promote whatever it is they’re […]
  12. Will Arnett and Peter Serafinowicz Take It From Running Wilde’s RatingsThe prospects for Running Wilde aren’t great, but at least the cast is keeping their senses of humor about it.
  13. Running Wilde Is Done ForSad news: Running Wilde, which needed a bump in its ratings last night to stave off cancellation, lost 17% of its viewers compared to last […]
  14. Will Running Wilde Have a Chance to Gain Momentum? Last night’s Running Wilde was pretty good, but it clearly still needs some time to solidify these characters and their relationships to each […]
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    Peter Serafinowicz on Joining the Arrested Development Crew for Running WildeIt’s the ‘AD’ creators, Will Arnett, David Cross, and him.
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    Industry Roundup: Kathryn Morris, ThomasPlus: ‘Running Wilde’ gets a new regular.
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    God Drops In on a Boy-Band Concert in Hot Chip’s Amazing ‘I Feel Better’ Music VideoA masterpiece directed by British comedian Peter Serafinowicz.
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    Which Star of Robert Zemeckis’s Yellow Submarine Looks the Least Like a Beatle?The guy who plays Ringo, probably.
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    Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts to Navigate Middle AgePlus: Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna are still in love.