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  1. crime
    Suspects Arrested, Charged in Armed Robbery of Lady Gaga’s French BulldogsCharges for the five suspects include attempted murder, robbery, and accessory.
  2. crime
    Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Opens Up About His ‘Very Close Call With Death’Ryan Fischer addresses his shooting and thanks “guardian angel” French bulldog Asia on Instagram.
  3. crime
    Lady Gaga’s Stolen French Bulldogs Returned After Armed RobberyLos Angeles police confirmed the two dogs were dropped off unharmed.
  4. crime
    Lady Gaga Offering $500K Reward for Stolen BulldogsShe has now spoken about the shooting and theft on Twitter.
  5. vulture festival 2020
    Mary J. Blige, Method Man, and 50 Cent Make Vulture Festival Even More PowerfulWe’ve also added a Jerry Saltz art talk, HBO Max’s I Hate Suzie, and, somehow, more pets.
  6. missing
    Have You Seen Orlando Bloom’s Dog?Mighty is missing.
  7. cat backpack
    I Own Taylor Swift’s Cat Backpack. It’s As Life-Changing As It Looks.But does that really come as a surprise to you?
  8. obits
    Lil BUB, Extremely Famous Internet Cat, Has DiedThe viral sensation and her teeny, perpetually visible tongue were eight years old.
  9. disney+
    Spot the Difference: Justin Theroux Sits With Dog at Lady and the Tramp PremiereGood boys!
  10. obits
    Bruley, the Queer Eye Bulldog, Has DiedAntoni and Bobby took to social media to mourn a Real One.
  11. right click
    Ariana Grande’s ‘Breathin’ Video Is Three Minutes of Her Pet Pig Sniffing AroundVideo of the goddamn year, if you ask us.
  12. wtf
    Crikey! Luke Bryan Gifted His Wife Two Baby Kangaroos for ChristmasIt’s apparently legal in Tennessee.
  13. 11 Other Crazy Celebrity-Pet StoriesDrew Barrymore scattered her dog’s ashes in India, Tarantino sued over macaws, Miley Cyrus wrote a song for her dead blowfish.
  14. Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard Stars in PUP Vid“I asked if it was about a girlfriend passing away, and he was like, ‘Nah, it’s just about my chameleon.’”
  15. cats
    You Missed Your Chance to Adopt This Cat That Looks Just Like Adam DriverCorey the cat has found a home, and it’s not Starkiller Base.
  16. backyard sessions
    Miley Cyrus Wrote a Song for Her Dead Fish“Watching my friends eat my friends ruined my appetite.”
  17. speeeech!
    Watch Emma Watson Dedicate Her BAFTA to a Dead HamsterRIP, Millie the hamster.
  18. tv
    There’s Going to Be a Marley & Me TV PilotJohn Grogan keeps getting those checks.
  19. pets
    Sandra Bullock Keeps Funny ChickensAnd a fish named Rave.
  20. a song of dogs and owners
    Sansa Stark Adopted Her Dire Wolf in Real LifeSansa and Lady forever.
  21. clickables
    Meet This Little Girl’s Unusual Pet SquirrelIt is maybe not so alive.
  22. life
    Life Introduces the Star-Nosed MoleThey’re portable in a purse, strange enough to impress, and useful as bait-catchers.