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  1. party chat
    Justin Theroux Vows Revenge at Next Year’s Celebrity CharadesTheroux: “Sam Rockwell is a deadweight. We gotta cut him. We gotta recruit Jeremy Sisto.”
  2. casting
    Will Philip Seymour Hoffman Play Spider-Man’s Villain?Also, ‘Glee’ star Dianna Agron is a contender for the film’s Gwen Stacy.
  3. psh
    Philip Seymour Hoffman to Do Salesman on BroadwayHe’ll reprise the role he played in high school.
  4. exclusive
    Gandolfini, Streep in Therapy With Seymour Hoffman?With Mike Nichols directing.
  5. argh
    Paul Thomas Anderson’s Scientology Movie ‘Postponed Indefinitely’“We kept coming up against a wall that we couldn’t overcome.”
  6. exclusive
    Clooney Wants Pine, Giamatti for Next ProjectIt’s about campaign dirty tricks.
  7. trailer mix
    Jack Goes Boating Trailer; or, the Movie in Which Philip Seymour Hoffman Has DreadsAnd he’s the director! Really not looking out for himself.
  8. baseless rumors
    Made-Up Batman 3 Casting Rumors: A HistoryEddie Murphy! Shia LaBeouf! Cher! Joseph Gordon-Levitt, now, too!
  9. xenu hotness
    Who’ll play the Daughter in PST’s Scientology Film?Which of the three do you think could most believably have sprung from Philip Seymour Hoffman’s loins?
  10. money
    P.T. Anderson’s Scientology Movie Gets A PassWhy does this thing need to cost $35 million, anyway?
  11. tear down the wall!
    Philip Seymour Hoffman and Liev Schreiber Go on a Wild Path of DestructionThey gathered with other Public Theater alumni to tear down the lobby before it gets refurbished.
  12. xenu hotness
    Paul Thomas Anderson’s Scientology Script ReviewedYep, still sounds awesome.
  13. sundance
    Sundance: Philip Seymour Hoffman Versus Mark Ruffalo; Ryan Gosling With Michelle WilliamsHoffman and Ruffalo, both first-time filmmakers, only one successful. And Gosling and Williams are great together.
  14. charadespocalypse
    Julia Roberts Runs Amok at Celebrity Charades GameJulia Roberts: “My pants are SO tight, come on! I wore these tight pants just for you.”
  15. psh
    Philip Seymour Hoffman Doesn’t Know Much About The Master“I really don’t know much about it. If [you] know anything, [you] know more than I do.”
  16. party lines
    Roberts at LAByrinth’s Celebrity CharadesBut according to Philip Seymour Hoffman, “she raised a lot of money.”
  17. xenu hotness
    So This New Paul Thomas Anderson Movie Is Definitely About Scientology, Right?Almost certainly.
  18. the industry
    Paul Thomas Anderson and Philip Seymour Hoffman Find ReligionPlus: ‘True Blood’! Harold Perrineau! Kevin Connolly!
  19. quote machine
    Carla Gugino Is Desperate for Some Legitimately Sexy Porn to Come Her WayPlus: Do Alec Baldwin’s love scenes with Meryl Streep in ‘It’s Complicated’ match up to his with Kim Basinger?
  20. how poor are they that have not patience
    Mass Walkouts Plague New Production of Othello Starring Philip Seymour HoffmanThe New York ‘Post’ reports that “audiences hate it [,,,] with most leaving at intermission.”
  21. party chat
    Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Silent Communication Is ‘Really Powerful’“All you need is that look,” says co-star John Ortiz.
  22. the industry
    Al Pacino to Kill, RighteouslyPlus: HBO gets ‘Hung. ’
  23. hats
    What Was the Deal With Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Skull Cap Last Night?Seriously, what the heck was up with that thing?
  24. advice
    Vulture’s Post-Oscar Career PlannerWhat wisdom do we hope this year’s nominees, snubbed hopefuls, and breakout stars take away from one of the most exciting awards races in recent memory?
  25. the industry
    Philip Seymour Hoffman to Awkwardly Make Out With Amy RyanPlus: Woody Harrelson battles zombies!
  26. chat room
    Director John Patrick Shanley and His First-Grade Teacher on the Difference Between Doubt and The Flying Nun’Sister Peggy, she was policing those bonnets.’
  27. snubs
    Which Actors Went Mysteriously Missing From Last Night’s Golden Globes?One man’s snub turned into another’s gain.
  28. quote machine
    David Fincher Not Through With Filming People Doing Horrible Things to Each OtherPlus: Kate Winslet on the controversial subject of bra burning!
  29. actors
    Is Philip Seymour Hoffman the Worst Theater Director Ever?Maybe!
  30. awesome
    Sundance Opens With ClaymationSundance’s opening-night film? ‘Mary and Max,’ a claymation drama starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Toni Collette.
  31. chat room
    Exclusive: Sam Mendes Tells His Best Paul Newman StoriesMendes, who worked with Newman on the Oscar-nominated gangster epic ‘Road to Perdition,’ had many memories of their time together, some funny, some inspirational, all moving.
  32. the industry
    Robert De Niro Plays to CharacterDe Niro signs on for another mobster drama, Yogi Bear gets his close-up, and Philip Seymour Hoffman goes for claymation.
  33. trailer mix
    ‘Synecdoche, New York’ Trailer: Charlie Kaufman Makes Us Happy and SadThis looks awesome.
  34. apropos of nothing
    Johnny Depp, Cher Knock Down Batman Rumors; Philip Seymour Hoffman Remains Mysteriously SilentBoth Cher and Johnny Depp have pooh-poohed rumors about their playing Catwoman and the Riddler.
  35. the industry
    Is Paul Greengrass Going on ‘Trial’ in Steven Spielberg’s Place?Plus: Philip Seymour Hoffman directs Cate Blanchett’s husband’s play.
  36. apropos of nothing
    We Are Kind of Worried About That Rumor About Batman, Johnny Depp, and Philip Seymour HoffmanDon’t do it, Johnny! Steer clear, Phil!
  37. the take
    John C. Reilly and Philip Seymour Hoffman: Two Paths Diverged in a ForestThey once seemed headed for the same career — then Reilly started hanging out with Will Ferrell. So who’s better off now?
  38. the industry
    Philip Seymour Hoffman Performs an OverturePlus: Jeff Goldblum joins the ‘Law & Order’ franchise, and someone’s making ‘The Happening,’ but with animals instead of plants.
  39. ranters and ravers
    Did Heath Ledger Really Slag Off Philip Seymour Hoffman? The ‘Times’ Says So!The ‘Times Book Review’ includes a highly questionable quotation purported to be from Heath Ledger. Vulture calls B.S.
  40. kudos
    Finally, Someone Handicaps the 2009 OscarsWhat does Vulture pick as our Best Picture 2009 nominees?
  41. the industry
    Breaking: DriveShaft Bassist Joins the X-Men!Plus industry news on Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, and Coldplay.
  42. kudos
    The Oscars: The Best Supporting Nominees Make Their CaseCan anyone beat Javier and Cate?
  43. kudos
    Oscar Futures: Can Julian Get a Schnomination for ‘Diving Bell’?Also: Into the Wild rises again.
  44. kudos
    Oscar Futures: Can Julian Get a Schnomination for ‘Diving Bell’?Also: Into the Wild rises again.
  45. apropos of nothing
    Before the Devil Knows You’re Undead: Why ‘I Am Legend’ Should’ve Starred Philip Seymour HoffmanLike many New Yorkers, we’ve spent a good deal of time trying to figure out why I Am Legend wasn’t the brilliant movie we’d expected.
  46. the industry
    Philip Seymour Hoffman to Chew Scenery; Cannibals to Chew Philip Seymour HoffmanPlus industry news on Bond’s new villain, Viggo Mortensen, and k.d. lang!
  47. kudos
    Oscar Futures: Does ‘Into the Wild’ Have a Shot?A handful of Screen Actors Guild Award nominations make Sean Penn’s film a player again.
  48. kudos
    Oscar Futures: Does ‘Into the Wild’ Have a Shot?A handful of Screen Actors Guild Award nominations make Sean Penn’s film a player again.
  49. kudos
    Oscar Futures: Which Category Will Cate Blanchett Win Her Oscar In?Who’s up? Who’s down?
  50. kudos
    Oscar Futures: Which Category Will Cate Blanchett Win Her Oscar In?Who’s up? Who’s down?
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