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Phillip Phillips

  1. lawsuits
    Phillip Phillips Sued, and Not for Having the Same Name Twice19 Entertainment says the Idol winner owes them millions. 
  2. american idol
    American Idol Winner Wants Out of His ContractHe has lodged a petition with the California Labor Commissioner.
  3. Phillip Phillips Meets Wilson PhillipsFor all the Phillips!
  4. chat room
    Phillip Phillips on American Idol’s Girl Vote“That’s kind of a sad thing, that it’s about looks.”
  5. white guys with guitars
    American Idol Crowns a Winner, Sets New Voting Record132 million votes.
  6. how far we’ve come
    Some Reflections on American Idol Season ElevenThis week, season eleven of American Idol comes to an end. A few thoughts before we crown a winner.
  7. party chat
    Dave Matthews: Idol’s Phillip Phillips Should Take Over My Band“He should kick my ass.”