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  1. photography
    How Ethan Hawke Transforms Into a ‘Cowboy’ Drifter for True West“When you’re doing eight shows a week, the life of an actor becomes very similar to the life of an athlete.”
  2. art
    Wildfires and Dead Palm Trees Haunt the L.A. Dream in Zoe Crosher’s New Show“It was really like the end is nigh, and it was a little too close.”
  3. photography
    Lyle Ashton Harris on Basquiat, Black Panther, and Afrofuturism’s Queer RootsAt Salon 94, the artist revisits self-portraiture.
  4. artphone
    The Next Great Camera Aesthetic Should Be ‘Crappy Flip Phone’Polaroids? Please. Disposable cameras? Who cares. The next aesthetic we should be imitating on our smartphones should be the fliphone
  5. photography
    On the Nearly Indescribable Light in Diane Arbus’s Last PhotographsIs it about to rain? Dusk? Something else? Go to David Zwirner to see.
  6. anniversaries
    Jazz Icon Benny Golson on the Legendary ‘A Great Day in Harlem’ Photo“When I got up there, I saw all of my heroes, and then I wondered, Why in the heck am I here? Nobody really knows who I am.”
  7. art
    Kayode Ojo’s Show Has a Male Chastity System and Balenciaga JeansThe artist’s New York solo debut finds inspiration in fashion and advertising to comment on value, perversion, and betrayal.
  8. vulture recommends
    The Art Books Jerry Saltz Is Loving This FallBeautiful volumes about often under-celebrated artists, from groundbreaking Delacroix to Hilma af Klint, pioneer of Abstraction.
  9. art
    The Photographer Who Captured Life in Mid-Century Burkina FasoSee lively portraits from 75-year-old Sanlé Sory, in advance of his first American exhibition.
  10. 8 New Photography Books to Check OutThe best just-released and forthcoming new photo collections.
  11. art
    Revisiting Gordon Matta-Clark’s Fusion of Art, Architecture, and AnarchyThis month, the sprawling exhibition “Gordon Matta-Clark: Anarchitect” takes over the Bronx Museum of the Arts.
  12. first look
    The Photographer Who’s Been Capturing Historic New York Moments for 50 YearsJean-Pierre Laffont’s latest collection, New York City Up and Down, proves that you never know what you might see here.
  13. obituary
    Tom Wolfe on Marie Cosindas, an Artist Who Created Something Completely NewA photographer who worked as no one else did.
  14. photography
    9 Rarely Seen New York Moments, Captured by Diane ArbusA preview of “Diane Arbus: In the Park,” opening today at the Lévy Gorvy gallery.
  15. The Art of Photographing Everyone from Donald Trump to Lena DunhamChris Buck captures three decades of intimate celebrity portraits in his new book, Uneasy.
  16. Meet Mindy Tucker, the Eyes of New York Comedy Photographer Mindy Tucker has been shooting comedians for nearly a decade. In that time, Tucker has captured a massive photographic record […]
  17. art
    The Most Memorable Thing I Saw at the Art Fairs: The Photographs of Aneta BartosThese haunted, staged photographs of the artist partially clad in bra and panties or camisoles with her Speedo-wearing, bald, bodybuilder father.
  18. art du jour
    The Story Behind That Striking Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds Photograph“Her daughter was really mesmerized by her mother always.”
  19. Considering the Ankara Assassination Photos As History PaintingWhat makes these pictures so different from all of the other pictures of death that we see?
  20. art
    See Adam Driver’s Bizarre Bathroom Photo Shoot Don’t worry. He still looks great.
  21. The Most Influential Photographs in HistoryAmong them: an AIDS sufferer at the end of his life, a surreal celebrity portrait, and the very first cell-phone picture.
  22. This Artist Transforms Humans Into PaintingsThey look shockingly real. Or rather, shockingly fake.
  23. Found Photography: Moms With Cute Kids, Just in Time for Mother’s DayTen old photos of adorable tykes who are all likely far less adorable grown-ups now.
  24. Visit Namesake Motors, a Blog That Pairs Up Cars With Their NamesakesBuckle up for some LOLs.
  25. Rejoice! It’s a Gallery of Dogs and Dog Owners, Then and NowAaaand we’re crying.
  26. now you see them...
    A New Approach in Celebrity Portraits: Have the Stars HideIn these portraits of Seth Rogen, Amy Poehler, and others, photographer Chris Buck asked them to stay out of sight.
  27. How to Not Suck at Instagram: A TutorialStop photographing brunch!
  28. polaroid
    Learn the History of the Polaroid Camera … Instantly!Say cheese, also learn a thing or two.
  29. Watch Noah Kalina’s ReturnIt’s like we’ve grown up with him!
  30. See James Murphy Solicit Your PhotosGood to see he’s keeping busy!
  31. anne geddes
    Get to Know the ‘Real’ Anne Geddes, Baby Photographer ExtraordinaireDon’t show your mom!
  32. the blues brothers
    See Some Never-Before-Seen Photos of the Blues BrothersJohn Belushi sounds like a gem.
  33. photography
    Watch a Series of Slo-Mo Wind PortraitsThrow out your air conditioner, we found a great fan.
  34. instagram
    Discover ‘Instagram Snap,’ a New Instagram ToolEarly bird FTW!
  35. feist
    Watch Feist’s New Video, ‘Bittersweet Melodies’Feist goes back to the future, kind of!
  36. flo fox
    Watch an Excellent Short About Famed Photographer Flo Fox (NSFW)Flo Fox for President! Or, like, Adopted BFF!
  37. photography
    Create GIFs Using Stereographs From the New York Public LibraryPhotography nerds, prepare for your weekend accordingly.
  38. art appreciation
    David Letterman Exhibits Writer’s Photographs of Celebrities and Sad Old GumThe man appreciates absurdity.
  39. andreas gursky
    See the World’s Most Expensive Photograph$4,400,000 for a picture of the Rhine? We’d better brush up on Instagram-ing those boring foliage photos we took.
  40. clickables
    See Terry Richardson’s Photos of His ParentsNow we can see where Terry got that penchant for the whole “white trash” thing.
  41. clickables
    Check Out the Handsome Old Young Men on ‘My Daguerreotype Boyfriend’Now you don’t have to waste all that time Googling.
  42. exclusive
    See Anton Corbijn’s Photographs of Springsteen, Iggy Pop, Tom Waits, Alexander McQueen, and Others“As a person to photograph, [Bruce Springsteen] is up there in a way with Tom Waits, I think. They’ve so become the people they want to be.”
  43. vulture recommends
    New on Vulture Recommends: Surfing With Amy Sedaris, Gallery Hopping With Neil LaButeJust sitting around, watching viral videos with Amy Sedaris…
  44. chat room
    Never Let Me Go Director Mark Romanek on How to Take the Perfect iPhone Photo“I’m amazed at how good these [photos] look, ‘cause it’s a fucking phone.”
  45. Martin Starr and Lizzie Caplan Take a Left Turn From Party DownMan, the third season of Party Down would have been weird. [Lizzie Caplan and Martin Starr photographed by Robyn Von Swank, via]
  46. art candy
    See Martin Schoeller’s Feeling Portraits of Female BodybuildersShock gives way to admiration.
  47. art
    See a Photo Slideshow by Cabaret’s Joel GreyThe actor (and father of Jennifer) started his photography career in 2003.
  48. art candy
    Two Decades of Eccentric Coney Island SunbathersBruce Gilden’s shots of amorous youngsters and wrinkled grannies.
  49. art
    See a Slideshow of Pieter Hugo’s Spooky Nollywood PhotographyNollywood = Nigerian Hollywood.
  50. art candy
    Julian Faulhaber’s Eerily Pristine PhotosFaulhaber achieves his unique effects through long exposures — ten to twenty seconds — and a clever use of artificial light.
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