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  1. art
    What Does the New MoMA Mean for Modernism? And What Was Modernism Anyway?The reimagined Museum of Modern Art tries to open itself up.
  2. reasons to love new york
    How Jerry Saltz Learned to Love the MoMA AgainThis year, MoMA reminded us just how indispensable and, at times, spectacular it can be.
  3. art
    The Storied History of the Most Expensive Picasso Ever AuctionedThe 60-year journey from canvas to Christie’s of Les Femmes d’Alger (Version “O”).
  4. art review
    Saltz: Picasso’s Monochrome Paintings Display a Rainbow of EmotionBrilliantly conceived and installed by Carmen Giménez, the Guggenheim’s show zeroes in on Picasso’s use of black and white and gray.
  5. break-ins
    One More Art Theft and We’ve Got a TrendThieves in Marseilles stole a Picasso lithograph and four paintings from a collector.
  6. break-ins
    The Museum of Modern Art in Paris Should Probably Invest in a Better Alarm SystemBecause five paintings were just stolen.
  7. art
    Picasso Sells at Auction for World-Record Price’Nu’ sells for $106.5 million.
  8. video
    Jerry Saltz at the Met’s Picasso ShowSee a “chapel to eroticism.”
  9. in the magazine
    Edelstein on Iron Man 2: ‘A Stylized, Screwball Comedy’And more from the magazine’s critics.
  10. apropos of nothing
    So, What Did Pablo Picasso Look Like Naked, Anyway?Find out in this recently unearthed watercolor!
  11. agenda
    Picasso frolics in John Richardson’s definitive biography.John Richardson’s nimble, riveting narrative has lost none of its momentum in this third installment of Picasso’s four-volume bio.