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Pie Charts

  1. david bowie
    What’s David Bowie Been Up to These Last Ten Years: The Pie ChartThe guy loves a Virgin Blood daiquiri.
  2. life of pi
    Read a Life of Pi Pie ChartBeware the flying fish!
  3. boardwalk empire
    The Men of Boardwalk Empire: Explained … Through Pie ChartsMurder = Babies.
  4. pie charts
    Jason Reitman Now Pretty Much Just Being Asked About Pie ChartsWho could’ve known that Reitman’s pie-chart making would come under such scrutiny?
  5. math
    How Will NBC Cut $500 Million?Vulture has obtained a confidential NBC pie chart with the details on the network’s upcoming budget cuts.
  6. overnights
    ‘American Idol’ Returns: Vulture Charts the Season PremiereAmerican Idol came back last night to see if there’s still a single decent singer left in the United States that’s not already been signed and dropped by RCA Records — and we made pie charts!
  7. apropos of nothing
    So, How Did United Artists Spend That $100 Million on ‘Valkyrie’?Well, how did they?
  8. apropos of nothing
    Pitchfork’s Top 100 Tracks of 2007: A Pie ChartMmm… pie chart-y.