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  1. infographics
    The Oscar Best Picture Nominees As Pie ChartsHow much of Boyhood is mansplaining? How much of Theory of Everything is Lost? And more.
  2. Breaking Down Each Cast Member’s Contribution to ‘SNL’ Season 39With SNL’s 39th season coming to a close, we’re taking a look at the past season with a series of posts examining the highs, lows, and other […]
  3. oscars 2014
    The Oscar Best Picture Nominees As Pie ChartsHow much of Her was Spike Jonze–Sofia Coppola breakup fan fiction? What percentage of The Wolf of Wall Street was Mrs. Doubtfire? Was American Hustle mostly briefcase-pushing?
  4. oscars 2013
    The Oscar Best Picture Nominees As Pie ChartsHow much of Argo is a mid-budget adult thriller versus how much of it is Mrs. Doubtfire?
  5. david bowie
    What’s David Bowie Been Up to These Last Ten Years: The Pie ChartThe guy loves a Virgin Blood daiquiri.
  6. life of pi
    Read a Life of Pi Pie ChartBeware the flying fish!
  7. boardwalk empire
    The Men of Boardwalk Empire: Explained … Through Pie ChartsMurder = Babies.
  8. pie charts
    Jason Reitman Now Pretty Much Just Being Asked About Pie ChartsWho could’ve known that Reitman’s pie-chart making would come under such scrutiny?
  9. math
    How Will NBC Cut $500 Million?Vulture has obtained a confidential NBC pie chart with the details on the network’s upcoming budget cuts.
  10. overnights
    ‘American Idol’ Returns: Vulture Charts the Season PremiereAmerican Idol came back last night to see if there’s still a single decent singer left in the United States that’s not already been signed and dropped by RCA Records — and we made pie charts!
  11. apropos of nothing
    So, How Did United Artists Spend That $100 Million on ‘Valkyrie’?Well, how did they?
  12. apropos of nothing
    Pitchfork’s Top 100 Tracks of 2007: A Pie ChartMmm… pie chart-y.