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  1. movie review
    Here’s a Movie About a Pig That Might Change Your LifeExecutive produced by Joaquin Phoenix, Viktor Kossakovsky’s powerful Gunda doesn’t try to make its animals human. It lets them be themselves.
  2. right click
    Ariana Grande’s ‘Breathin’ Video Is Three Minutes of Her Pet Pig Sniffing AroundVideo of the goddamn year, if you ask us.
  3. life imitating art
    Report: David Cameron Did Weird Things With PigOof.
  4. movies
    Is a Shrek Toy Teaching Children Slang for Female Genitalia?“The three little pigs are supposed to huff and puff, but instead some adults are hearing words that have left them squealing.”
  5. music
    Watch a Tiny Pig Play the PianoThimble the pig has been practicing hard, and now she’s doing “better than ever.”
  6. grub street
    Food, Film, Fun!