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Pilots 2011

  1. pilots 2011
    Maya Rudolph Joins Christina Applegate’s NBC PilotLorne Michaels is her boss once more.
  2. exclusive
    Christina Applegate Goes From Real Mom to TV MomShe’s set to star in a show from ‘Parks and Rec’ scribe Emily Spivey.
  3. Hollywood Gives Tom Sizemore Another ChanceThere’s hope for Charlie Sheen.
  4. pilots 2011
    Ellen Barkin Joins Michael Patrick King’s NBC PilotShe’ll play Don Johnson’s ex-wife.
  5. breaking
    Mel Gibson’s Jesus Joins J.J. Abrams PilotHe’ll work for Ben Linus.
  6. exclusive
    J.J. Abrams Finds a Female Lead for His CBS PilotAnd she’s starred in two Tyler Perry movies!
  7. pilots 2011
    Angela Bassett Signs to Identity PilotWhat’s a police procedural got to do with it?
  8. leslie bibb
    Popular’s Leslie Bibb Returns As a BitchIt sounds like ‘Popular’ all grown up!
  9. minnie driver
    Minnie Driver Signs On to Hail Mary PilotHer first TV gig since ‘The Riches.’
  10. pilots 2011
    Jason Isaacs Cast in NBC’s REMThe new Kyle Killen project finally has a lead.
  11. exclusive
    Ashley Judd Heads to TV via ABC Drama MissingShe’ll play an ex-CIA agent searching for her missing son.
  12. breaking
    Lone Star Lead James Wolk Heads to ABC’s GeorgetownHe’s teaming with the producers of ‘Gossip Girl.’
  13. eric roberts
    Eric Roberts Breaks the Celebrity Rehab CycleHe got a job!
  14. life after lost
    J.J. Abrams and Ben Linus Team Up for CBS PilotBut it’s not the Linus-Locke project that was in the works.
  15. breaking
    Kurt’s Dad on Glee May Be Getting His Own ShowUh-oh: Is this bad for Mr. H?
  16. breaking
    America, Your New Wonder Woman Is …Tyra from ‘Friday Night Lights’!
  17. breaking
    James Van Der Beek to Spoof Himself on ABCHe’ll pull a Neil Patrick Harris on an ABC pilot.
  18. breaking
    Director Michael Apted Joins Marc Cherry’s Hallelujah ChorusIt’s his first big TV gig since ‘Rome.’
  19. exclusive
    Better Off Ted Creator Victor Fresco Gets Man-lyMaybe he’ll be reunited with Andy Richter?
  20. pilots 2011
    ABC’s Fairy-Tale Pilot Gets a DirectorThe show Damon Lindelof is consulting on snags an ‘Entourage’ vet.