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  1. tv review
    The Investigation Will Frustrate You (on Purpose)HBO’s Danish true-crime series reveals a different way of telling a murder story, as well as why so few murder stories are told this way.
  2. chat room
    Game of Thrones’ Pilou Asbaek on the Sexy ‘Chameleon’ Euron Greyjoy“In season six, he’s dressed as a Greyjoy. Now, he’s dressed as a man who has to seduce the most beautiful woman in the world.”
  3. makeovers
    Is Euron Greyjoy Hot Enough for You Now?Euron’s makeover includes a little eyeliner and a lot of leather.
  4. extreme makeovers
    An Important Game of Thrones Season-7 Update: Euron Greyjoy’s Gonna Be Hot(ter)He’s getting a haircut and a brand-new look.
  5. chat room
    Thrones’ Pilou Asbæk on Becoming Euron Greyjoy“When you’re underwater, and there’s a guy holding you down, and you have to open your eyes and mouth, in salt water? It’s not the nicest thing.”
  6. game of thrones season 6
    Euron, You’re On! Explaining Game of Thrones’ Newest VillainAnd why he’s the Donald Trump of Westeros.
  7. game of thrones season 6
    Game of Thrones Has Reportedly Found Its Euron GreyjoyThe Danish Joshua Jackson!