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Pineapple Express

  1. David Gordon Green and the Serious Foundations of His ComediesIf, in the year 2007, a reader wanted content on the films of David Gordon Green, a comedy website would hardly have been their first stop. At […]
  2. fake trailers
    Watch Rogen’s Fake Pineapple Express 2 TrailerApril Fools’, guys.
  3. Watch a Fake Trailer for ‘Pineapple Express 2’ Seth Rogen and James Franco just released this fake trailer for Pineapple Express 2, which is really a trailer for This Is the End, an […]
  4. What Does ‘Five-Year Engagement’s’ Box Office Disappointment Suggest About […] Five-Year Engagement earned $11.2 million this weekend, which is nearly half what was being predicted. It’s also by far the lowest of the […]
  5. Where Has the Conceptual Comedy Trailer Gone?It has long been a known fact of the universe that movie trailers are their own breed and not necessarily indicative of the quality or […]
  6. vulture lists
    Seth Rogen: A Career in T-shirtsEvery great actor has his instrument. For Seth Rogen, it’s T-shirts.
  7. the industry
    Seth Rogen Is Really Into PornoPlus: What’s Dean Cain up to these days?
  8. quote machine
    ‘Pineapple Express’: A Stoner Love StoryPlus: Why making a Mötley Crüe movie is a serious moral issue.
  9. yay
    David Gordon Green Continues Comedic AscentFox has picked up his sitcom pilot, meaning the ‘Pineapple Express’ director will have a chance to flex more funny muscles.
  10. last night's gig
    MY BLOODY VALENTINE PLAY LOUDEST SHOW EVER!!The recently reunited My Bloody Valentine made good on its ear-searing mythology.
  11. apropos of nothing
    Apatocalypse Now: Five Movies to Get You Through the Coming Judd Apatow DroughtDid you know ‘Pineapple Express’ is the last Apatow movie of 2008? Here are five ripoffs Hollywood hopes will fill the void.
  12. apropos of nothing
    Can Angry Disabled Groups Help ‘The Dark Knight’ Stay Alive at the Box Office?Disability groups are calling for a boycott of ‘Tropic Thunder’ over its use of the word ‘retard.’ Watch out, ‘Titanic’!
  13. apropos of nothing
    Is This the Weekend ‘The Dark Knight’ Will Finally Come in Second Place?’Pineapple Express’ could beat it … but probably won’t!
  14. apropos of nothing
    Who’s the Better Action Director: David Gordon Green or Christopher Nolan?Weirdly, it’s David Gordon Green.
  15. the take
    What Other Indie Directors Should Join Team Apatow?What other auteurs could benefit from the Apatow touch — and how would they shake up the Apatow formula?
  16. news reel
    ‘Pineapple Express’ Director David Gordon Green on Which Indie Auteur He’d Like to See Do an Apatow Movie NextTom McCarthy would be ‘a great fit,’ Green told us.
  17. the early-evening news
    Pot Smoker Nearly Ejected From Pot-Smoking Party for Pot-SmokingPlus: Shia LaBeouf is actually a hero! And is ‘Hair’ moving to Broadway?
  18. vulture picture palace
    See David Gordon Green’s Early Short Film ‘Physical Pinball’ Before Getting Baked at ‘Pineapple Express’Before he directed ‘George Washington,’ David Gordon Green created this short film about a tomboy and her father.
  19. the early-evening news
    Great Moments in Movie Marketing: Hellboy vs. GodPlus: Movie critics matter, Harvey’s 1996 phone call, and James Lipton.
  20. right-click
    Nas Doesn’t Need BeatsPlus: At long last, new music from Huey Lewis and the News.
  21. the take
    Vulture’s Summer Movie ReviewThe Vulture Department of Predicting the Future is pleased to reveal the critical reaction and box-office results of summer 2008’s biggest popcorn flicks.
  22. the take
    Will This Judd Apatow Movie Be Any Good? Vulture Does the MathGiven that there are dozens more on the way, how do you know if they’ll be any good? We investigate!
  23. the take
    Will This Judd Apatow Movie Be Any Good? Vulture Does the MathGiven that there are dozens more on the way, how do you know if they’ll be any good? We investigate!
  24. chat room
    Director David Gordon Green on ‘Snow Angels,’ Amy Sedaris, and Finally Getting His Judd Apatow MomentVulture spoke to Green about adapting someone else’s work, and making odd casting choices.
  25. trailer mix
    ‘Pineapple Express’ Trailer: Team Apatow Reinvents David Gordon GreenIt’s not necessarily as though North Carolina–based independent director David Gordon Green’s career needed resuscitation.
  26. quote machine
    Pittsburgh Slim Just Really Likes It When Girls Kiss Girls, That’s AllPlus quotes from Seth Rogen, Johnny Depp, and Fabolous.