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Pink Flamingos

  1. in conversation
    John Waters on Anna Wintour, Staying Youthful, and Why Trump Ruined Camp“You gotta have youth spies. Even after 30, you need a youth spy. You need ’em!”
  2. Obscene and Unheard: The Unmade Films of John WatersLet’s take a journey into unchartered Waters.
  3. art
    John Waters Made a Pink Flamingos for KidsIt’s called Kiddie Flamingos, and it’s censored, G-rated obscenity.
  4. vulture lists
    From I Love Lucy to Bridesmaids, the Evolution of the Female Gross-Out ComedyOn whose bodily-function-caked shoulders does Kristen Wiig’s movie stand?
  5. vulture lists
    10 Most Brutalized Wangs in Movie History’There’s Something About Mary’! ‘The Last House on the Left’! ‘Santa Sangre’!