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Pink Floyd

  1. appreciations
    Clare Torry’s Voice Is Seared Into Your Brain Whether You Know It or NotHer performance on Pink Floyd’s “The Great Gig in the Sky ” manages to express the full range of human emotion without relying on words.
  2. vulture lists
    All 165 Pink Floyd Songs Ranked, From Worst to BestSo, you think you can tell Meddle from The Division Bell?
  3. celebrity karaoke
    Benedict Cumberbatch Sings Pink FloydJust a verse, just a taste.
  4. respect the classics
    Watch Pink Floyd’s ‘Grantchester Meadows’ VideoBird sounds have never sounded so cool.
  5. In Defense of PretentiousnessEveryone has things that set them off, and whatever we dislike we often just choose to call pretentious.
  6. pink floyd
    Pink Floyd Really Is Releasing a New Album, DadThe band confirms this weekend’s rumor.
  7. the songs remain the same
    Which Old Songs Have Classic Rockers Pimped Out the Most?An exhaustive study of greatest-hits compilations by the Stones, Billy Joel, and more reveals who resold the same song the most times.
  8. the wizard of oz
    Watch The Wizard of Oz Synced Up With Pink FloydVCRs be damned!
  9. clickables
    Watch Pearl Jam Cover Pink Floyd’s ‘Mother’In case you missed it.
  10. clickables
    Watch a Truly Terrible Cover of Pink Floyd’s ’Comfortably Numb’Oh dear.
  11. pink floyd
    Children Who Sang Chorus on ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ May Have Nabbed Their Own MovieAll in all …
  12. lost tracks
    Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and the Rare Shelved Albums That Remain UnheardA look at the very few hidden recordings that not even a Google search can find.
  13. emi
    Pink Floyd Not Making EMI’s Crappy Week Any BetterThe band has successfully sued to stop EMI from selling single-track downloads.
  14. quote machine
    Gwyneth Paltrow Maybe Wouldn’t Do PornPlus: Amy Sedaris on how Jerri Blank’s style obviously surpassed Carrie Bradshaw’s.
  15. the industry
    Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy Get Their Own Headline, But Alas, It Is for ‘Underworld 3’Plus industry news on Harvey Keitel, Bill Nighy, and Pink Floyd.
  16. right-click
    Kings of Leon: Unsurprisingly Psyched, ExuberantPlus My Morning Jacket, Super Furry Animals, and Fiery Furnaces!
  17. news reel
    Rockers Indulge Their Malevolent Inner CriticsThere’s nothing like a good, mean-spirited, convention-bucking story to get you past the Thursday-morning doldrums. A riveting recent piece in the U.K.’s Guardian Unlimited asked popular musicians (New Order’s Peter Hook, Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos, the Hold Steady’s Craig Finn, and others) to pan classically revered albums from the annals of rock, which they did with evil aplomb.