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  1. music
    Weezer’s Pinkerton and Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP Actually Have a Lot in CommonThe tangled relationship between Pinkerton and ARTPOP.
  2. going platinum
    Weezer’s Pinkerton Goes Platinum at 20 Say it is so.
  3. radio vulture
    What If Drake Covered Weezer’s Pinkerton? A Track-by-Track ImaginingDrake could turn “getchoo” into a really sexy word.
  4. music
    An Oral History of Weezer Promising Their New Album Will Be BetterSince 2001, nearly every Weezer album has been pitched as a return to form after a series of recent missteps.
  5. tv
    Gerard Butler Is Developing a Pinkerton TV SeriesWeezer fans, this one isn’t for you.
  6. weezer
    Weezer Rereleasing PinkertonAlso, unearthing B-sides and rocking for ‘Shrek.’