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  1. casting
    Tom Hanks Circling the Role of Geppetto In Disney’s Live Action Pinocchio The film would see Hanks reuniting with his Forrest Gump director, Robert Zemeckis.
  2. movies
    Robert Zemeckis in Talks to Make Pinocchio a Real Boy in Live-Action RemakeCould probably upcycle some of those Marwen dolls for Geppetto’s workshop, if he wants.
  3. the industry
    Disney Eyes Another Oscar-Winning Director to Turn Pinocchio Live-ActionPinocchio will get his real-boy wish, probably with a side of Mendes’s ennui.
  4. the disney vault
    The Disney Vault Is Real. Here’s What It’s Like Inside.It’s located on an anonymous block in Glendale, California. I wouldn’t dare say more.
  5. uncanny impressions
    How and Why Does John Boyega Have a Perfect Pinocchio Impression?On Good Morning America.
  6. the industry
    PTA Reportedly Won’t Direct RDJ’s PinocchioIt’s unclear whether he’ll still write the script.
  7. the industry
    Paul Thomas Anderson Will Write RDJ’s PinocchioThis should be interesting.
  8. coming to life
    Disney Loves Live Action, Wants Another Pinocchio MovieGuillermo del Toro is also working on one.
  9. pinocchio
    Take a Look at Guillermo del Toro’s PinocchioQuite the schnoz, huh?
  10. firsts
    Guillermo del Toro Will Direct That Weird Pinocchio Movie After AllHe was already onboard as a producer.
  11. Tim Burton May Direct Pinocchio MovieWith Robert Downey Jr. in talks to star.
  12. reboots
    Guillermo Del Toro Producing Creepy, Animated PinocchioForget that sweet Disney version.
  13. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Murphy, Gordon, FullerPlus: Jennifer Love Hewitt to headline “female ‘Big Bang Theory.’”
  14. the industry
    Aaron Eckhart to Save Los Angeles From AliensPlus: Guillermo del Toro announces plans to creep you out.