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Piper Perabo

  1. reunions
    Hilary Duff and the Cheaper by the Dozen Cast Reunited on TikTokIncluding Bonnie Hunt!
  2. fire drill fridays
    Manny Jacinto and His Jawline Protested With Jane FondaHe was unfortunately not handcuffed.
  3. arrests
    Piper Perabo Arrested Today for Protesting Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court NominationWe love a resistance queen.
  4. alternate universe casting couch
    Jessica Simpson Could’ve Been Your Lead Coyote in Coyote UglyAnd Jewel!
  5. The Best Frozen Moments from the 2012 Golden GlobesSofia Vergara making her Modern Family character look restrained, Nicole Kidman giving the stinkeye, and many many more glimpses of the audience.
  6. fugging it up
    Fug Girls: The Best and Worst Outfits at the 2012 Golden GlobesSarah Michelle Gellar? Surprisingly good! Mila Kunis? Surprisingly boring!
  7. critical consensus
    USA’s Covert Affairs Is the Second Coming of AliasWith Piper Perabo in the Jennifer Garner role.
  8. quote machine
    Rereleased Avatar Might Feature Hot Na’vi Sex, or Some Boring StuffPlus: Gwyneth Paltrow just drinking all the time.
  9. the industry
    Plotless Video Game Sparks Predictable Four-Studio Bidding WarPlus: Piper Perabo! Mase! Terrorism!
  10. chat room
    Piper Perabo on ‘Reasons to Be Pretty,’ E-mailing Neil LaBute, and Living at the Y’Apparently with a new play the writer is often around a lot, but for me I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! We can e-mail him and ask him questions anytime we want? Really?”