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  1. #metoo
    Former Pixar Employee Details John Lasseter’s History of ‘Vulgar’ Behavior“Lasseter didn’t need an intimate setting to make female employees uncomfortable.”
  2. the quote quiz
    Who Said It: Tyler Durden or Screenslaver?Wake up, sheeple, and take this quiz.
  3. the industry
    Pete Docter, Jennifer Lee Will Replace John Lasseter at Pixar, Disney AnimationLasseter went on leave from his roles at Disney and Pixar last year following misconduct allegations.
  4. vulture lists
    Which New Superhero in Incredibles 2 Is Best?Incredibles 2 presents a fresh, illustrious group of minor characters. Let’s rank them.
  5. All 20 Pixar Movies, Ranked From Worst to BestFrom Coco to Cars 3.
  6. How Brad Bird Steered Incredibles 2 Through ‘Complete Chaos’The director also talks about John Lasseter and the Iron Giant turning up in Ready Player One.
  7. exits
    Pixar Head John Lasseter to Leave Disney at the End of the YearAdmitting to “missteps,” Lasseter went on a six-month sabbatical in November following complaints of inappropriate workplace behavior.
  8. What’s New on Netflix: May 2018Coco, Dear White People season 2, and new stand-up specials by John Mulaney, Tig Notaro, and Ali Wong.
  9. trailer mix
    Incredibles 2 Trailer: Nobody Puts Baby Jack-Jack in a CornerThe super family is finally getting their sequel.
  10. newbies
    See Bob Odenkirk, Catherine Keener, and More in New Incredibles 2 ArtPixar has just released illustrations for the new Incredibles 2 characters.
  11. sexual harassment
    Disney Execs Reportedly Worked Around John Lasseter’s Inappropriate Behavior“He was inappropriate with the fairies,” a former executive said, referring to the young actresses hired to play Tinker Bell characters.
  12. john lasseter
    Accounts of Misconduct Surface After John Lasseter Announces ‘Sabbatical’Several news outlets are publishing reports of inappropriate behavior by the head of Disney and Pixar animation.
  13. pixar
    John Lasseter Announces Leave of Absence From Pixar Following ‘Missteps’“It’s been brought to my attention that I have made some of you feel disrespected or uncomfortable.”
  14. trailer mix
    A New Superhero Is Born in the First Trailer for Incredibles 2Somebody cute is getting their powers.
  15. Coco Is a Charming If Belabored Adventure Right Out of the Pixar PlaybookBut it has at least one great song.
  16. d23
    Kendall Jenner, Heidi Klum Pay Tribute to The Incredibles’ Edna ModeHer opinion on capes remains controversial, and iconic.
  17. toy story
    Toy Story Writer Claims Very Depressing Rumor About Andy’s Dad Is ‘Fake News’“Complete and utter fake news,” Andrew Stanton claims.
  18. cars 3
    7 Existential Quandaries Raised by the Cars SeriesWhere do baby cars come from?
  19. dystopias
    Cars Creative Director Ponders Whether the Cars Killed All the HumansRise of the Planet of the Cars.
  20. Pixar Journeys to the World of the Dead in the Coco TrailerComing November 22.
  21. movies
    Um Pixar? This Cars 3 Trailer Isn’t Kid-FriendlyIn which we stress out our children, so we don’t have to be alone in our existential dread.
  22. trailer mix
    The New Cars 3 Teaser Keeps Things Just So WeirdAre we supposed to find the cars … hot?
  23. trailer mix
    Alec Baldwin Is Tiny Trump in Boss Baby TrailerWhat to Expect When You’re Expecting the Donald.
  24. candy
    Tom Hanks and Ellen Swap Pixar War Stories“You said you had my hat!”
  25. box office gold
    Why Are Finding Nemo and Finding Dory Such Enormous Hits?They’re Pixar’s biggest successes, but why?
  26. trailer mix
    Piper Teaser: Pixar’s New Short Is Overwhelmingly CuteLike it or not, you’re about to say, Aw.
  27. The Secret Number That’s in Cartoons EverywhereA113.
  28. the industry
    Bill Hader and Kate McKinnon Join Finding DoryPixar announced the film’s full cast on Wednesday.
  29. animation domination
    Zootopia, Pixar, and the Animation LandscapeAnd don’t forget the ever-prolific DreamWorks.
  30. oscars 2016
    Pete Docter Thinks Voice Acting Is Underrated“They’re standing in a gray room, and they have to imagine all this and bring it to life in their heads.”
  31. clickables
    See the Exclusive Poster for Pixar’s New Short, The Blue UmbrellaUmbrellas falling in love!
  32. shorts
    Watch an Astounding Clip From Pixar’s Next ShortWOW.
  33. concept art
    See Concept Art for Pixar’s Next Four MoviesNot surprisingly, they all look great.
  34. The Pixar Lamp Is Alive and Well, and Also Real!Just try to look at Pinokio and not think of Pixar.
  35. Pixar Hands Film to Safety Not Guaranteed WriterDerek Connolly and Teddy Newton.
  36. Watch Partysaurus Rex, a New Pixar ShortYou can’t go wrong with Wallace Shawn.
  37. partysaurus rex
    Watch a Clip From Pixar’s Partysaurus RexWallace Shawn: still at it!
  38. pixar
    See a Pixar-Themed AlphabetWe want a print!
  39. pixar
    Andrew Stanton to Direct Finding Nemo SequelIn return, the John Carter helmer hopes to make another live-action movie.
  40. john carter
    See How Pixar Assisted in Animation for John CarterFree Woola! (Remember? No?)
  41. justice league
    See What It Would Look Like If Pixar Made a Justice League MovieIs it us, or are Superman’s thighs way too skinny?
  42. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: Pixar’s Brave Is This Weekend’s HeroPixar proved it hasn’t lost the confidence of moviegoers.
  43. Pixar’s Brave Proves Kids Like a Scruffy HeroineAbraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer, meanwhile, proved the concept was bad to begin with.
  44. david edelstein
    Movie Review: Pixar’s Brave Is Fast, Funny, UnpretentiousThe generic title and mythic-female-empowerment posters for Brave don’t prepare you for the rollicking comedy to come.
  45. vulture lists
    The First 12 Pixar Movies, RankedWhich movie is No. 1?
  46. trailer mix
    Monsters University Trailer: Pixar Goes Old SchoolMonsters need college degrees, too.
  47. hair
    The Red Hair in Brave Was Made of 1,500 CurlsThat’s a lot of computer animation.
  48. steve jobs
    Pixar’s Brave Remembers Steve Jobs As a Friend and MentorIt’s the studio’s first film since the Apple head’s death.
  49. recastings
    See The Avengers Reimagined As Pixar CharactersPulled from Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Up, Monsters, Inc., and Brave (upcoming).
  50. toy story 2
    How Toy Story 2 Almost Never HappenedSee? Even Pixar employees mess up every now and then.
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