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  1. plagiarism
    Poetry Twitter Erupts Over a Plagiarist in Their MidstAiley O’Toole was a young poet on the rise, until colleagues found she’d stolen their verse.
  2. So You Want to Accuse Someone of Stealing Your JokeIn a business where you’re only as good as your material, joke theft is one of comedy’s high crimes. Just make sure the joke’s not on you.
  3. Was Michael Jackson a Plagiarist?“Michael stole a lot of stuff. He stole a lot of songs,” says Quincy Jones.
  4. Bob Dylan Might Have Used SparkNotes to Write His Nobel Prize LectureHis descriptions of Moby Dick seem awfully familiar.
  5. courts
    Led Zeppelin Wins ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Plagiarism TrialThe band was accused of lifting the song’s intro from “Taurus” by Spirit.
  6. Is There Ever a Justification for Joke Stealing?No other comedian is currently more despised by the comedy community than Carlos Mencia. The performer has faced a number of criticisms over […]
  7. tv
    See Columbia Valedictorian Brian Corman Plagiarize Patton Oswalt in Graduation SpeechKeep it up, class of 2010!
  8. flute crime
    Men at Work Flautist Finally Brought to JusticeA judge has ruled that the flute riff in Met at Work’s 1987 hit “Down Under” is lifted directly from “Kookaburra,” an Australian kids’ song written in 1932.
  9. plagiarism
    Cat Stevens Now the Third Person to Write ‘Viva La Vida’ Before ColdplayFollowing similar claims by guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani and Brooklyn band the Creaky Boards, Cat Stevens says Coldplay’s 2008 single also sounds like one of his songs.
  10. kanye
    Kanye Plagiarizes Our Website!This simply will not stand.
  11. the take
    Former Bush Aide Proves in Lawsuit That Almost None of ‘Swing Vote’ Was His IdeaDisney seems guilty of nothing other than producing an election comedy featuring Kelsey Grammer.