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Planet Of The Apes

  1. monkeying around
    Disney Gets the Ball Rolling on New Planet of the ApesThe powers that be tapped Wes Ball to direct.
  2. movies
    No, That Ape Isn’t Wearing DeRay’s Blue Vest in War for the Planet of the ApesIt’s just a blue vest, not DeRay’s blue vest.
  3. 6 Pictures of Caesar From Planet of the Apes With a Caesar HaircutThis post features famous computer ape Caesar with the ’90s haircut known as the Caesar. Pretty self-explanatory, really.
  4. The Story Behind The Simpsons’ Legendary Planet of the Apes MusicalInside the process that one writer calls “a magic visit from the joke fairy.”
  5. movie review
    War for the Planet of the Apes Isn’t the Apocalypse Now Remake It Wants to BeIt’s an awesome, dull movie that manages to be both alienating and sappy.
  6. John Ridley and Freida Pinto Discuss the Making of GuerrillaShowtime’s Guerrilla was definitely not Planet of the Apes.
  7. Andy Serkis on the Biggest Challenge of Motion-Capture ActingHis answer may surprise you. 
  8. casting couch
    Harrelson to Play Villain in Planet of the ApesCalled the “Colonel.”
  9. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) On Being Repeatedly Mistaken for Actor Tim […]It always happens the same way. I’m minding my business when, suddenly, a shout: “Look! It’s Tim Roth!!!” No. For once and for all, no. I am […]
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    Watch the Planet of the Apes ‘Dance Party Remix’See Charlton Dance.
  11. clickables
    See an Ape From the New Planet of the Apes PrequelSo ape-y!
  12. prequels
    Fox Plans Planet of the Apes Prequel’Rise’ due in June 2011.
  13. the industry
    Top Tier Directors Say No to Apes PrequelNow it’s on to the next level of meat-and-potatoes action directors.
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    Planet of the Apes Re-Reboot Is Back OnFox is passionate about pushing forward an origin story telling just how the apes got so smart.
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    Steve Buscemi and Martin Scorsese to Hit Atlantic City, Possibly Save HBOPlus: New ‘Planet of the Apes’ movie gets a director!
  16. chat room
    Dan Richter on Playing the Ape in ‘2001’, Life With John and YokoThe actor speaks to Vulture about his legendary role.