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  1. party report
    John Lithgow Thinks the Clintons Would Have a Hard Time at His New PlayHe says it would be “tough.”
  2. broadway
    Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Sturridge’s Very Sad Monologues Are Going to BroadwayThey’ll perform this summer.
  3. party report
    Not Even Star Wars Could Prepare Keri Russell for Broadway“It’s like training for the Olympics.”
  4. theater talk
    Claudia Rankine on Death, Reparations, and Becoming a PlaywrightThe celebrated author of Citizen talks about her new play, The White Card —also Mo’Nique, bad reviews, and marketable death.
  5. photography
    How Ethan Hawke Transforms Into a ‘Cowboy’ Drifter for True West“When you’re doing eight shows a week, the life of an actor becomes very similar to the life of an athlete.”
  6. broadway transfers
    Heidi Schreck’s What the Constitution Means to Me Is Transferring to BroadwayIt will start performances March 19 and run through June 9.
  7. party report
    Kerry Washington, Steven Pasquale on What They’d Do If Trump Came to Their Play“I would hope that it would crack his heart open.”
  8. party report
    The Ugly Betty Cast Would Revive the Show ‘In a Minute!’“We can make one of the characters a Trump supporter if we have to.”
  9. tonys 2018
    Tom Hollander Talks Playing a ‘Grumpy’ and ‘Immortal’ Brit on American Stages“He’s a sort of Brexiteer.”
  10. last night on late night
    David Byrne Wants to Turn Jared Kushner’s Life Into a Modern Greek TragedyTagline: “I can’t let what happened to my daddy happen to me.”
  11. Well, David Mamet Has Written a Play About Harvey WeinsteinIt’s currently called Bitter Wheat and there’s an actor interested in the lead role.
  12. Talking Improv, Marriage, Cats, and Musicals with Jeff HillerYou know Jeff Hiller, or you recognize his face. His disapproving, glowering mug can be seen in every customer service position in every auteur […]
  13. Amy Schumer and Keegan-Michael Key Will Make Their Broadway Debuts in […]Steve Martin has a new Broadway play in the works called Meteor Shower, and he’s assembled a solid cast of comedic actors. Today it was […]
  14. theater
    Tony Kushner Is Working on a Play About Trump, Who Is ‘Borderline Psychotic’“It’s terrifying because he has all the power, but without the mental faculties he ought to have.”
  15. Tony Awards Predictions 2017: Who’s Most Likely to Win?This year, there’s only one sure Bette.
  16. theater week
    Lynn Nottage on Broadway Diversity and Why She Writes About Working People“I want to reclaim my own history as part of American history and assert my presence.”
  17. The Genius of Jordan Temple’s ‘Hidden Fences’ LIGHTS UP on a team of scientists in lab coats who gather around taking notes of a single man who is swinging a baseball on a string held […]
  18. off broadway
    Gary Busey Joins Off Broadway Play Perfect CrimeHe’ll play Lionel McAuley, “The Baseball Bat Killer,” in a two-week engagement. 
  19. fall preview 2016
    45 Plays Premiering This FallFeaturing Judith Light, John Slattery, Rachel Weisz, and more.
  20. Tarantino to Adapt Hateful Eight Into a Play“I’m just waiting for this season to be over so I can write it.”
  21. Chris Rock Headed to Broadway in Motherfucker With the HatChris Rock is headed to Broadway next spring in the new play Motherfucker With the Hat. Yep, that’s what it’s called. It’s an ensemble drama, […]