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  1. the big bang child
    Big Bang Theory’s Showrunners Say They ‘Honored’ Penny By Making Her Pregnant“I wanted to know that they were ending in a happy place.”
  2. how to plot a novel
    What Do Computers Know About Plot?Mapping stories with technology.
  3. how to plot a novel
    An Encyclopedia of Every Literary Plot, EverA far-from-comprehensive list of every archetype we know.
  4. how to plot a novel
    Is It Story That Makes Us Read?Plots: the who, what, and where — but maybe not why — of literature. Plus, the history of plot and literature’s very worst endings.
  5. plots
    Anderson’s Budapest Hotel May Release This YearThis is the one with like two dozen actors you love.
  6. plots
    New Details About the Next Muppets MovieOfficially titlted  The Muppets … Again!