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  1. podcasts
    In a Bid for Your Ears, Amazon Music Is Buying the Podcast Network WonderyHaving first delved into podcasting back in September.
  2. profile
    New York’s Most Powerful Book-fluencer Runs a Podcast on Park AvenueZibby Owens’s Moms Don’t Have Time To Read Books “moves product” like nothing else.
  3. podcast drama
    How Luminary’s Messy Debut Ended Up Roiling the Podcast IndustryThe buzzy new startup launched this week, and immediately upset the industry at large. What happened?
  4. These Niche Podcasts Were Made For You! by Brian Alexander TO: mikeymilwaukee33@gmail.com Marginally Attractive Men in Milwaukee. Do you live in Milwaukee? Do you consider yourself a man who’s at […]
  5. Sneaking Into the Mainstream: Three Days at the LA Podcast FestivalMy alarm blares at 6:50am. I swipe it off and immediately turn on a podcast. I get in the shower, power on my Bluetooth speaker, and keep […]