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  1. 1.5x speed
    5 Great Podcasts to Binge This WeekThe perfect way to pass the time during your holiday travels.
  2. podcast review
    S***hole Country Asks Who Likes to Be in America?A new podcast by an anonymous narrator considers a big choice between two lives and two continents.
  3. encounter
    Who’s Afraid of Podcast Provocateur Dasha Nekrasova?She’s on a hit HBO show and made a horror movie about Jeffrey Epstein. Are her days of niche fame over?
  4. interview
    Lili Anolik Dishes on Her Gossipy Bennington College PodcastThe podcast host discusses the literary ’80s, Donna Tartt’s legal threats, and Bret Easton Ellis’s reliability.
  5. true crime podcasts
    This Week in True-Crime Podcasts: Two Elderly Scammers Named Helen and OlgaPlus, a murder in Louisiana.
  6. podcasts
    The Hosts of Cookies Think NBA Players Might Enjoy Dimes SquareBen Detrick and Andrew Kuo on basketball, New York nightlife, Eric Adams, and their new book.
  7. switched on pop
    Snotty Nose Rez Kids Revel in a Beautiful Blend of Rap and Indigenous CultureAs Young D from the First Nations hip hop duo explains, “In hip hop, you have the MC. Well, we have our storytellers.”
  8. podcasts
    Eric Eddings and Brittany Luse Go Back to the BeginningThe former hosts of The Nod discuss reviving For Colored Nerds after years of making shows for other people.
  9. good one podcast
    Roy Wood Jr. Won’t Stop Pushing Stand-up ForwardThe stand-up discusses his new special and tackling difficult subjects on this week’s Good One.
  10. 1.5x speed
    Elon Musk, Rocket Man (and 2 More Podcasts Worth Trying)Including one from the highbrow film purveyors at Mubi.
  11. call out post
    Ye Calls Out SNL, Nannies, and Soulja Boy on Drink ChampsJay-Z defended Just Blaze’s work on The Blueprint after Ye’s claims about the producer.
  12. true crime podcasts
    This Week in True-Crime Podcasts: The Ken and Barbie KillersAnd, a mystery in Bonaparte, Iowa.
  13. 1.5x speed
    Slow Burn Hits the L.A. Riots (and 4 More Podcasts Worth Trying)Including The Paris Review Podcast.
  14. switched on pop
    New ABBA, Just Like the Old ABBA (and Then Some!)Figuring out what makes the band tick on the occasion of Voyage, their first album in 40 years.
  15. this week in comedy podcasts
    This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Chris Estrada Haunts Steph InfectionRounding up our favorite comedy podcast episodes of the week.
  16. 1.5x speed
    6 Spooky Podcasts to Listen to Right NowIncluding … bats!
  17. good one podcast
    A Casino Is the Perfect Place for a VampireWe talked haunted dolls, jalopies, and Scabby the Rat with the What We Do in the Shadows gang at Comic Con.
  18. 1.5x speed
    Donna Tartt’s College Years (and 6 More Podcasts Worth Trying)What happens at Bennington does not stay at Bennington.
  19. switched on pop
    The Healing Power of PopWe know that music gets us through hard times, but let’s look a little into the science and craft of why.
  20. podcasts
    Stephen Colbert Wants His Late-Night Podcast to Be ‘TikTok for Your Ears’Naturally, his first guest was fellow podcaster Bruce Springsteen.
  21. true crime podcasts
    This Week in True-Crime Podcasts: Haunted Attractions and Hell HousesPlus a gangster named Pinky.
  22. this week in comedy podcasts
    This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Tiffany Haddish on Nosy NeighborsRounding up our favorite comedy podcast episodes of the week.
  23. good one podcast
    Ricky Velez Is a Real New York City Stand-upThe comedian joins this week’s Good One to discuss his new special.
  24. podcasts
    Why Michael Hobbes Won’t Tell You You’re Wrong AnymoreThe popular podcast host explains his departure from You’re Wrong About.
  25. podcasts
    Only Murders in the Building and Twee-Crime PodcastingThe Hulu comedy presents a fascinating vision of true crime. It’s also vaguely distressing.
  26. switched on pop
    The Escapist Male Fantasy of the James Bond Theme SongExploring the superspy’s musical underpinnings as the Daniel Craig era draws to a close.
  27. good one podcast
    Jo Firestone’s Cure for the Common Comedy SpecialThe stand-up taught seniors how to perform comedy during the pandemic, and the resulting special is a delight.
  28. 1.5x speed
    How Song Exploder Made Its John Lennon EpisodeAnd six other podcasts to check out this week.
  29. podcasts
    Rory and Mal Have Moved On. No, Really.The pair are plotting their post–Joe Budden careers, starting with a move to Stitcher.
  30. switched on pop
    James Blake Has Come to Terms With His Underrated InfluenceTherapy and reaching his 30s have helped the artist-producer focus on simply having fun.
  31. best of 2021
    The Best Podcasts of 2021 (So Far)The year has brought a mix of insightful conversations, stunning personal work, and a comedic sperm-bank heist.
  32. podcast review
    Suspect Might Be the Best True-Crime Podcast of the YearIt’s far from revolutionary, but there’s something to be said about being the most polished version of a standard.
  33. this week in comedy podcasts
    This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Weird Al’s Luscious LocksRounding up our favorite comedy podcast episodes of the week.
  34. 1.5x speed
    Vaccine Scammers, Scream Queens, and 4 More Podcasts Worth TryingPlus, the rise and fall of a prominent New York family.
  35. vulture recommends
    Ironic Detachment Meets Tender Vulnerability on the StraightioLab PodcastGet in, loser, we’re deconstructing heterosexuality.
  36. my podcast is dropping
    Lindsay Lohan to Add Podcaster to Her RésuméRight under beach-club owner, Netflix rom-com star, and NFT fursona.
  37. start here
    Want to Try Lecture Hall? Start Here.On their podcast, Dylan Gelula and Broti Gupta play dumbasses like nobody’s business.
  38. this week in comedy podcasts
    This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Stephen Colbert Has A Good CryRounding up our favorite comedy-podcast episodes of the week.
  39. alexa play chasing cars
    Ellen Pompeo Recalls Cussing Out Denzel Washington on Grey’s Anatomy Set“I was like, ‘Listen, motherf*cker, this is my show.’”
  40. stand-up
    The (Unfortunate) Rise of the Docucomedy SpecialComedians keep taking all the wrong lessons from Gary Gulman’s masterful The Great Depresh.
  41. 1.5x speed
    NPR’s Book of the Day and 9 More Podcasts Worth TryingIncluding a new music series from Spotify.
  42. true crime podcasts
    This Week in True-Crime Podcasts: New England Vampire PanicsPlus, a closer look Houston, Texas, the armored truck robbery capital of the United States.
  43. 1.5x speed
    Going Deep on a Classic Fugees Album (and 7 More Podcasts Worth Trying)Including a series about gardening.
  44. good one podcast
    Paula Poundstone Wants You to Be Her Best FriendThe stand-up talks about her crowd-work mastery on this week’s Good One.
  45. switched on pop
    Why Does Olivia Rodrigo Keep Giving Up Songwriting Credits?Copyright lawsuits are making musical interpretation an increasingly costly endeavor.
  46. podcasts
    Say You’re Sorry Explores the Art of the Public ApologyThe new podcast from Lux Alptraum asks what it is we really want when we’ve been wronged.
  47. good one podcast
    Martin Short’s Life As a Sketch-Comedy GodThe comedy legend talks late night, Only Murders in the Building, and more on Good One.
  48. 1.5x speed
    9/12, Long Shadow, and 5 More Podcasts Worth TryingIncluding an appreciation of Melvyn Bragg.
  49. switched on pop
    John Carpenter’s Influence Is Inescapable on Chvrches’ Screen ViolenceThe synthpop revivalists even got the horror master to remix one of the songs on their new album, which prods the dark depths of online abuse.
  50. true crime podcasts
    This Week in True-Crime Podcasts: Elizabeth Holmes on TrialPlus, dive into the Killer Psyche of Dr. Death.
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