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  1. review
    The Trojan Horse Affair Is a Twisty ThrillIt’s the best Serial productions podcast since S-Town.
  2. and just like that
    Che Diaz to Depart Cult-Hit Podcast X, Y, and MeA source told Vulture that there’s interest in refashioning the show solely around Carrie Bradshaw, in the style of her old “Sex and the City” column.
  3. controversy
    A Running List of Artist Responses to the Spotify-Rogan ControversyIt started, obviously, with Neil Young.
  4. switched on pop
    We Just Had to Talk About ‘Bruno’Figuring out why everyone loves the doomy-gloomy Encanto song that became Disney’s first chart-topper in 19 years.
  5. too little too late
    Spotify to Add Content Warnings to Podcasts Discussing COVID-19Joe Rogan squinted into his cellphone in response Sunday.
  6. spotify
    Joni Mitchell Will Take Her Music Off Spotify ‘in Solidarity’ With Neil Young“Irresponsible people are spreading lies that are costing people their lives.”
  7. choices
    Neil Young Says Spotify Can Have His Music or Joe Rogan’s Vaccine MisinformationAfter his music was removed, he wrote that leaving Spotify’s “shitty” sound quality behind was an added bonus.
  8. true crime podcasts
    This Month in True-Crime Podcasts: Con Men, Mobsters, and Jack the RipperPlus, crimes from the Great White North.
  9. good one podcast
    The Birth of UnCabaret Was Just What Comedy NeededBeth Lapides, the creator of the long-running live L.A. show, joins this week’s Good One.
  10. podcasts
    There’s a New Serial Productions Podcast Coming Next WeekIn which Brian Reed of S-Town fame tackles a controversial event from recent British history.
  11. podcasts
    It’s the End of an Era for RadiolabAfter nearly two decades, creator Jad Abumrad is stepping down from the highly influential audio series.
  12. this month in comedy podcasts
    This Month in Comedy Podcasts: Taylor Tomlinson’s Sad in the CityRounding up our favorite comedy podcast episodes of the month.
  13. remakes
    Disney’s Live-Action Snow White ‘Makes No Sense’ to Peter Dinklage“You’re progressive in one way, but you’re still making that fucking backwards story of seven dwarfs living in a cave together.”
  14. switched on pop
    Elvis Costello’s Aim Remains True, 32 Albums InPlus, riffs on everything from Olivia Rodrigo’s songs being “how rock and roll works” to passing on a chance to write for Adele.
  15. call her lawyer
    The Jamie Lynn Spears Interview and the State of Call Her DaddyThe achievement with this booking isn’t really the interview but the access itself, and what that access says about the power of Call Her Daddy.
  16. good one podcast
    ‘Our Better Episodes Are the Ones That We Fight Over’Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton talk It’s Always Sunny and when they’ll know it’s time for the long-running show to end.
  17. switched on pop
    Behold the Indie K-pop StarWith his new album There and Back Again, Eric Nam searches for footing outside the industry machine.
  18. 1.5x speed
    Magic, New Girl, and Julia Fox: 5 Podcasts Worth Trying This WeekPlus: tennis drama!
  19. controversy
    270 Medical Professionals Send Open Letter in Response to Joe Rogan EpisodeThe podcaster is driving another round of unsurprising headlines.
  20. podcast review
    This Is Dating Mixes Therapy With Blind DatesThe podcast takes listeners on an Esther Perel–style journey into first encounters.
  21. 1.5x speed
    A Podcast All About Twilight (and 4 More Shows Worth Checking Out)Hold on tight, spider monkey.
  22. tv review
    Beneath the Clichés, Archive 81 Is a Slow-Burning Horror ScorcherRebecca Sonnenshine’s podcast-inspired Netflix series effectively chips away at the conviction of our senses.
  23. switched on pop
    The Weeknd’s Dawn FM Is a Dirge, a Mirror, and an Echo, Echo, EchoThe pop star compellingly regurgitates past hits to soundtrack the grim present and future of celebrity.
  24. 1.5x speed
    Cow Comedy, Phone Sex, and More Podcasts Worth TryingIncluding extra picks from our industry survey.
  25. 2022 preview
    The Future’s Not All BadBelieve it or not, there are some things to look forward to this year.
  26. 2022 preview
    5 Podcasts We Can’t Wait to Hear in 2022A new crop of shows that tackle the likes of Heidi Fleiss, Siegfried and Roy, and modern dating.
  27. survey says
    The Best Podcasts of 2021, According to People Who Make PodcastsWe asked over 150 creators, producers, hosts, and executives what they’ve been listening to.
  28. good one podcast
    Aida Rodriguez Is Comfortable With Your Discomfort“There’s always been this daredevil in me, if you will, that goes out on this stage and says, All right, let’s see what happens.”
  29. vulture festival 2021
    Issa Rae and Yvonne Orji Reflect on 5 Years of Issa and MollyA wine down with Insecure’s OTP.
  30. podcast review
    Operator Gives the Phone Sex Industry the Wolf of Wall Street TreatmentThe podcast chronicles the rise of and fall of ATN, a key player in the phone sex world.
  31. switched on pop
    Which New-Gen Christmas Songs Have Us Shouting Out With Glee?Making a list of recent holiday tracks and checking it twice to find out what we’ll be singing in December for years to come.
  32. where’s the beef?
    Big Sean Thinks Ye’s Callout ‘Wasn’t Godly’And, in his own Drink Champs appearance, the rapper claimed G.O.O.D. Music owes him millions.
  33. podcasts
    Why Are All Your Cool Friends Listening to How Long Gone?A closer look at the bro-y culture podcast’s unexpected appeal.
  34. best of 2021
    The 10 Best Comedy Podcasts of 2021Featuring Aack Cast, Las Culturistas, Keeping Records, and more.
  35. best of 2021
    The Best Podcasts of 2021The year produced a mix of insightful conversations, stunning personal work, and a comedic sperm-bank heist.
  36. switched on pop
    Tai Verdes Started From the Bottom (of His Building, Literally the Basement)Now the TikTok star is here, selling out a tour and performing at Lollapalooza.
  37. friends of the pod
    Call Your Girlfriend Is Happy to End on Their Own TermsGina Delvac, Ann Friedman, and Aminatou Sow open up about ending their podcast after a seven-year run.
  38. post production
    The Postal Service (Not the Band) Has a Podcast NowAnd no, there are no ads for Stamps dot com.
  39. switched on pop
    Alison Krauss and Robert Plant, ‘Beautiful Nugget’ HuntersThe Grammy-decorated duo reflects on the wide array of influences at work on their latest album Raise the Roof.
  40. help!
    What to Read, Watch, or Listen to After Binging Get BackRecommendations for every kind of Beatles fan.
  41. podcasts
    The Tim, Jeremy, and Rajat ExperienceThrough a special episode of Heidecker’s podcast, the trio perfectly capture The Joe Rogan Experience’s hollow core.
  42. 1.5x speed
    When Bruce Willis Went to Idaho (and 5 More Podcasts Worth Trying)Including a podcast about what we do in the kitchen.
  43. vulture festival 2021
    It’s the Most Wonderful Seth Rogen Interview of the YearThe multi-high-phenate talks pot, pots, and the Santa lie.
  44. switched on pop
    How Many Let It Be Reissues Does It Take for the Beatles to Get the Vibe Right?Fifty years and two documentaries later, it looks like the answer is “at least four.”
  45. vulture festival 2021
    Bosch the Man Meets Bosch the Dog Thanks to Hollywood HandbookAlso thanks to, ahem, Vulture Festival.
  46. podcasts
    This Podcast Asks: Is the Kevin Costner–Cal Ripken Jr. Urban Legend True?The Rumor investigates one of baseball’s most salacious conspiracies.
  47. 1.5x speed
    5 Great Podcasts to Binge This WeekThe perfect way to pass the time during your holiday travels.
  48. podcast review
    S***hole Country Asks Who Likes to Be in America?A new podcast by an anonymous narrator considers a big choice between two lives and two continents.
  49. encounter
    Who’s Afraid of Podcast Provocateur Dasha Nekrasova?She’s on a hit HBO show and made a horror movie about Jeffrey Epstein. Are her days of niche fame over?
  50. interview
    Lili Anolik Dishes on Her Gossipy Bennington College PodcastThe podcast host discusses the literary ’80s, Donna Tartt’s legal threats, and Bret Easton Ellis’s reliability.
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