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  1. one grand books
    Author Sjón’s 10 Favorite BooksIsak Dinesen, Mikhail Bulgakov, and more.
  2. in memoriam
    How Mary Oliver’s Biographer Finally Met the Legendary PoetOliver, who died yesterday, connected with people “on the page,” and Lindsay Whalen was no exception.
  3. poetry
    New Year, New Verse: 4 Poetry Collections That Change the WorldPoems about addiction, war, tokenism, regret, forgiveness, and Republicans.
  4. year in culture 2018
    9 Books of Poems That Prove 2018 Was a Fantastic Year — at Least for Poetry.Including two rediscovered classics, a brilliant song of Trump-era outrage, and a transgender scholar’s reworking of Middle English.
  5. appropriation
    New Plagiarism Accusations Spark a Twitter Debate on ‘After’ PoemsAnother poet accused of theft — or is it just a centuries-old form of homage?
  6. plagiarism
    Poetry Twitter Erupts Over a Plagiarist in Their MidstAiley O’Toole was a young poet on the rise, until colleagues found she’d stolen their verse.
  7. sweet irony!
    A Pushcart-Nominated Poet Got a Tattoo of Words She Took From Another PoetOh cruel world! Oh sweet irony!
  8. exclusive
    Read Nico Tortorella’s Poems on the Penis, the Vagina, and His IdentityExcerpted from Tortorella’s book all of it is you.
  9. last night on late night
    Helen Mirren Reads Stephen Colbert a Poem to Make Him Cry. Will You?Depends on where you’re at with the whole mortality thing, probably.
  10. verse
    Vogue Seems to Have Accidentally Published Taylor Swift’s Tumblr PoetrySnaps.
  11. last night on late night
    Cole Sprouse Reads a Childhood Poem He Wrote His Mom About, of Course, StabbingIt’s very sweet, except for the stabbing.
  12. Listening to John AshberyHis death marks a real historical threshold, the passing away of the generation of writers who turned modernism into a tradition.
  13. r.i.p.
    John Ashbery, Celebrated and Influential Poet, Dead at 90Ashbery received many awards, including the Pulitzer Prize.
  14. npr tiny desk
    Chance the Rapper Wrote a Poem for His Emotional Tiny Desk Concert DebutIt’s called “The Other Side.”
  15. poetic justice
    Ethan Coen Wants to Be Poet Laureate in Recognition of Poetic Musings on TrumpAlas, his plea is in prose.
  16. modern discourse
    Sherlock Co-Creator Slams Critics With Poem“In shooting down pygmies and Hounds from hell / Did Sherlock on Victorian niceties dwell?”
  17. Rosie O’Donnell Wrote a Poem about Ivanka TrumpIt’s called “8 million to one.”
  18. boys don't cry
    Read Frank Ocean’s ‘Boyfriend’ Poem“I could say that I’m happy they let me and my boyfriend become married.”
  19. exclusive
    Hear a New Jeff Tweedy Song, Based on a Poem by Carl Sandburg“Theme in Yellow” comes from David Nagler’s Chicago Poems project.
  20. poetry
    Alice Walker Wrote a Poem About Jesse Williams and His Powerful BET SpeechShe really liked his speech.
  21. #oscarssowhite
    Watch and Listen As Nick Cannon Unleashes a Semi-Oscar-Related Spoken-Word Poem“Nah, not another trophy rant.”
  22. Bo Burnham’s Poetry Book, ‘Egghead,’ Is Out October 1stComedian Bo Burnham is putting out a book of poetry. Called Egghead: Or, You Can’t Survive on Ideas Alone, his first book is set for an October […]
  23. francophile
    Poet James Franco Sells Debut Book of PoetryOf course.
  24. poetry
    Six Lincoln Limericks to Text Your Loved Ones“There once was a man named Abe Lincoln/ Whose Union was rapidly shrinkin’ … “
  25. casting couch
    Cynthia Nixon to Play Emily DickinsonBut who will play the fly?
  26. obits
    Poet Adrienne Rich Has Died at 82The chronicler of the second wave died at home in California.
  27. Check Out an Adorable, Poetic Ode to Leonardo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesReal or fake (please be real?), this poetic salute to “the smart Ninja Turtle” is one for the history books, or at least This Week in Internet.
  28. best of 2011
    David Edelstein’s Favorite Performances From 2011And a few of his worsts, as well.
  29. poetry
    Here Is Salman Rushdie’s Limerick About Kim Kardashian“The marriage of poor kim #kardashian / was krushed like a kar in a krashian.”
  30. clickables
    Hear Nobel Winner Tomas Tranströmer Read and Discuss a PoemOpening line: “In the evening-dark of a place outside New York…”
  31. clickables
    Read Four Newly Released Shel Silverstein PoemsFrom the artist’s posthumous ‘Every Thing On It.’
  32. clickables
    Hear Bill Murray Read Poems by Billy Collins and Cole PorterHere’s “Forgetfulness” and “Brush Up.”
  33. clickables
    Read Excerpts From Charlie Sheen’s 1990 Poetry CollectionReal and self-published.
  34. contests
    Vulture’s John Legend and the Roots Contest: We Have a Winner!Read the winning haiku.
  35. poetry corner
    Marilyn Monroe: Poet“My love sleeps besides me — / in the faint light — I see his manly jaw.”
  36. exclusive
    James Franco Selects His Favorite Poems“The O’Hara poems are beautiful and deceiving. On one level they feel frivolous, but O’Hara always ties them up with a significant event or line that pulls everything taut..”
  37. poetry
    W.S. Merwin Named Poet LaureateHe’s 82.
  38. books
    Haik U, Glenn Beck: A Database of Glenn Beck–Themed Haiku“And Jesus said to/All his hungry disciples/’Hands off my fish, chumps’”
  39. books
    Read a Letter T.S. Eliot Wrote His 4-Year-Old Nephew“I believe that you are to have a Birthday soon … “
  40. movies
    Read Godzilla Haikus“Civilization / I destroy it to feel like / I’m a part of you.”
  41. kudos
    Broke Writers Rejoice After the 25th Whiting AwardsCrashed cars! Publishers running off solar power! Tennyson quotes!
  42. poets
    Bono’s Poetry OffendsThis isn’t even the worst part: ‘Elvis white trash / Elvis the Memphis flash / Elvis didn’t smoke hash and woulda been a sissy without Johnny Cash.’
  43. cheek by jowl
    Anderson: Poetry Month Showdown, Herrera vs. KleinzahlerThe thick-mustachioed activist against the grumpy contrarian!
  44. cheek by jowl
    Anderson: Poetry Month Showdown, Herrera vs. KleinzahlerThe thick-mustachioed activist against the grumpy contrarian!
  45. bolanopalooza
    Read an Excerpt From Roberto Bolaño’s New Poetry CollectionIf you want a Bolaño book that’s not going to tip your car over, ‘The Romantic Dogs’ has you covered.
  46. agenda
    D. Nurkse’s Poetry, the Product of Metaphysical BattlesThe ravaged settings in which many of D. Nurkse’s new poems take place…
  47. agenda
    Poet Takes You to Less Than Exotic PlacesHis witty, wise Selected Poems displays Hofmann’s gift for evoking a sense of place.
  48. news reel
    Meryl Streep Rules and Graydon Carter Jabs ‘Vanity Fair’ at Poetry Bash“We don’t do contemporary poets at the Academy of American Poets,” said Streep. “Because if you say one name, then somebody else has their nose out of joint. “
  49. ranters and ravers
    How Dirty Is That Auden Poem That Was Too Dirty for the ‘Times Book Review’?It is really, really, really, really dirty. So we’re reprinting the entire thing.
  50. agenda
    Poet Julia Hartwig Links Freedom With Having an Iron WillJulia Hartwig is a poet too little known in America: Countryman Czeslaw Milosz called her “the grande dame of Polish poetry.”
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