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Poking A Dead Frog

  1. In ‘Poking a Dead Frog’, Comedians’ Advice, Stories, and Neuroses ShineNerding out on comedy just got a lot easier with Mike Sacks’ new Poking a Dead Frog: Conversations with Today’s Top Comedy Writers. In his […]
  2. Mike Sacks on ‘Poking a Dead Frog’, Discontented Comedy Writers, and […]Comedians think often about how their identity relates to the world around them. They spent much of their time reflecting on who they are, […]
  3. Adam McKay on What He Learned from Working with Improv Guru Del CloseWill Ferrell doesn’t mince words when describing Adam McKay, his longtime friend and comedy collaborator. “He’s kind of a dangerous […]
  4. life lessons
    18 Things You Learn After Interviewing 80 or So Comedy WritersAll comedy writers have been inspired by basically the same ten comedic inspirations.
  5. ‘Poking a Dead Frog,’ Mike Sacks’s Sequel to ‘And Here’s the Kicker’ Out […]Mike Sacks’s latest book of interviews with comedians, Poking a Dead Frog, hits the shelves today. A follow-up to his 2009 book, And Here’s the […]
  6. ‘SNL’s James Downey on Working with Norm Macdonald and Getting Fired for […]Saturday Night Live has employed hundreds of comedy writers in its four decades on the air, but no writer has been associated with the show […]
  7. Mike Sacks Is Re-Releasing an Extended Version of ‘And Here’s the Kicker’Mike Sacks’s new book of interviews with comedians, Poking a Dead Frog, hits the shelves June 24th, and as part of the lead-up, he’s […]
  8. Pre-Order ‘Poking a Dead Frog,’ Mike Sacks’s Follow-Up to ‘And Here’s the […]Mike Sacks has written a sequel to his hit 2009 book And Here’s the Kicker: Conversations with 21 Top Humor Writers on their Craft. The new […]