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Police Procedurals

  1. the industry
    NBC Developing TV Series Based on The Bone CollectorNot to be confused with The Collector or Bones.
  2. why?
    Law & Order: SVU Did a Whole Episode About IncelsThe SVU detectives learn about incels on “the dark web.”
  3. tv review
    FBI Is As Apolitical As a #BlueLivesMatter Bumper StickerDick Wolf says that his new CBS show isn’t “politically oriented.” He’s wrong.
  4. zombie police procedurals
    NBC Wanted Walking Dead As a Zombie-Crime ShowLaw & Order: Biter Victim’s Unit.
  5. pilots 2014
    NBC Orders Constantine Pilot, New ProceduralGo with what you know.
  6. for the kids
    Garry Marshall Developing Kid Crime ProceduralShades of Bugsy Malone.