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  1. frivolous
    Netflix and Ava DuVernay Sued Over When They See Us SceneA police-training company is suing for defamation.
  2. joker
    NYPD to Increase Police Presence at Theaters for Joker Opening WeekendAdditional police will be deployed across the city.
  3. investigations
    NYPD Commander Allegedly Told Officers to Shoot 50 Cent ‘on Sight’ at EventThe rapper is now considering legal action.
  4. criticisms
    Spike Lee Defends BlacKkKlansman Depiction of Police After Boots Riley Critique“Look at my films: They’ve been very critical of the police, but on the other hand I’m never going to say all police are corrupt.”
  5. Mission: Impossible’s Ving Rhames Says Police Drew Gun on Him in His Own HomeOfficers later told the actor a neighbor had reported a “large black man” breaking into Rhames’s house.
  6. drop the bass and put your hands up
    Skrillex Pulled Over and Handcuffed After Playing His Music Too LoudHe subsequently tweeted Elon Musk about the incident.
  7. oh-canada
    Canadian Town Apologizes for Nickelback JokeThe band was reportedly unenthused by the whole situation.
  8. international relations
    A Canadian Town Is Punishing Drunk Drivers With Nickelback MusicLook at this headline. Every time you do, it makes you laugh.
  9. race
    Luke Cage’s Take on Anti-Black Police Violence Is a Little ConfusingIt’s admirable, if contradictory.
  10. reality bites
    A&E Green-Lights Live Police Reality Show Live PDThe show will air with a delay, of course.
  11. rhymefest
    Rhymefest Was Robbed at Gunpoint Then Treated Poorly by Chicago PoliceThe police apologized today.
  12. Police Protest Outside Beyoncé’s Houston ConcertProtesting Bey is not how you fix your shoddy public perception.
  13. quentin explains it all
    Quentin Tarantino Wants to Talk About ‘Abuse of Power’; Police Don’tThe garrulous auteur continues to piss off police by saying rational things.
  14. Cop Gets Fired After Singing Death Metal On DutyHe really committed, at least.
  15. boycotts
    Police Union Issues Ominous Threat to Quentin Tarantino, Promises ‘Surprise’“The right time and place will come up.”
  16. hoverboards
    Wiz Khalifa Handcuffed for ‘Hoverboarding’He did get some “awesome weed” out of it, though.
  17. Worst Heckler Ever: NYPD Tells Adam Newman to ‘Shut the Fuck Up’ in the […]It’s been nearly two years since standup Adam Newman pulled a bag of cocaine out of a heckler’s coat, but his latest video – no matter how […]
  18. Why I’m a Cop, by Pablo GoldsteinListen up, kid. In my 12 years of walking the beat, I’ve learned what it takes to survive in the big city. But there ain’t many police like me. […]
  19. Which Role Was Better: As Cop or As Killer?Is Dominic West better as McNulty, or as a serial killer?
  20. punk'd
    The Game Punks Compton PoliceThe rapper pulled an M.I.A. vs. Lynn Hirschberg.
  21. quote machine
    Jack Black Discusses the Inspiration for His Farting, Fat ‘Tropic Thunder’ CharacterPlus: Matthew McConaughey describes labor in perfect Matthew McConaughey language.
  22. tube junkie
    The Police Call It a DayThe Police played their final show at MSG last night, with singing fat lady included.
  23. agenda
    Public TV Was Made for the Police ‘Synchronicity’ TourAs the Police finish their last tour ever, revisit their last last tour ever as WLIW broadcasts one of the final shows in 1983’s Synchronicity Tour.
  24. the industry
    Meet ‘Terminator’ Star Sam Worthington, James Cameron’s Shia LaBeoufPlus … Pirahna in 3-D! Oh, and the Police.
  25. quote machine
    Scarlett Johansson Confident in Her Singing AbilityRainn Wilson, Stewart Copeland, and more!
  26. last night's gig
    Sting Still Can’t Play Well With OthersThere comes a time when every critical rock fan must cast away her skepticism and embrace the joyous cliché of the reunion show.
  27. quote machine
    Sting Becoming More of an (Expletive) by the MinuteDane Cook, Holly Hunter, and Victoria Beckham on sweatpants.
  28. news reel
    Pete Wentz, Little Fish in Big Live Earth PondThe Fall Out Boy lead singer interviewed just after the band’s Live Earth show.
  29. right-click
    Rilo Kiley Heads for the DiscoPlus the Police, Ryan Adams, and Avril Lavigne!
  30. quote machine
    Sting: Demoted From God of Rock to Petulant Pansy
  31. the industry
    The Police Kick Off Tour; Tickets to This Post Sold Out in Fourteen Minutes
  32. the industry
    Sting’s Lyrics to Be Book; Our 14-Year-Old Self to Buy Three Copies