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  1. the new samantha bee
    Keegan-Michael Key Runs Billy’s Gun CourseFish that shotgun out of George Washington’s nose!
  2. This Election’s Best Pundit Is a Fake Columnist Named Carl Diggler You know when you want to tell someone about a really cool podcast or Twitter account that you discovered, but first you have to get through […]
  3. Puck Magazine and the Birth of Modern Political CartooningIn the late 19th Century, long before Mad Magazine and the Daily Show, there was Puck. The magazine helped to change the very nature of […]
  4. Will Ferrell Endorses Eric Garcetti for Mayor of LA with What I am […] Celebrated actor Will Ferrell (“star of Expendables 2, The Day of the Dolphin, and Harlem Nights”) has just released this video endorsing LA […]
  5. Rob Delaney Is Pumped about the Paul Ryan Pick“If anything, if [Mitt Romney] were seeking to balance the ticket, his just got so off-balance that it flipped off into the stratosphere with […]
  6. Al Franken Is Making Washington Laugh Behind the Scenes“The Republicans, I think, at first were a little like, ‘Oh, he’s a satirist who uses scorn and ridicule against Republicans,’ and then after […]