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Politics V Comedy

  1. on comedy
    Stephen Colbert Fondly Recalls His ‘Terrible’ Late Show Start“My biggest fear was that people wouldn’t come back.”
  2. politics v comedy
    Eyeless Congressional Candidate Isn’t Thrilled With Pete Davidson’s SNL JokesKenan Thompson says the jokes “missed the mark.”
  3. politics v comedy
    ‘Thin-Skinned’ Ivanka Trump Couldn’t Stop Whining About SNL’s Treatment of HerRemember that “Complicit” fragrance?
  4. politics v comedy
    Michael Moore Predicts Donald Trump Will Try to Remain ‘President for Life’“He loves the dictators.”
  5. politics v comedy
    Michelle Wolf Defends Samantha Bee, Goes Off Against ‘Useless’ Ivanka Trump“We’re all fooled by her.”
  6. politics v comedy
    The West Wing Cast Mocks Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Her Show ComparisonIt’s a battle of real and fictional press secretaries.
  7. politics v comedy
    Tina Fey Takes Issue With White Women Who Voted for TrumpYou can’t hide behind HGTV.